Suburban Breakout 103km Audax — Sunday 10 July 2016



A previous Suburban Breakout leaving East Finchley



The start in 2013




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Map of the route – full page version here.

The Central London CTC Audax

The Suburban Breakout, brought to you once more by Central London CTC, a fairly easy spin into Hertfordshire. A new route, with Something Lovely midway. One or two little lumps, but you can go hard or you can take it steady. Your speed overall must be above 15km/h, no more than 30km/h. It's an ideal 'first event', and a good 'first on fixed'. There are three simple info questions to be answered, and a control with food and drink at Puckeridge. About 920m of upness.

This is an audax, so it's about getting round under your own steam. You will have to follow the route sheet (no signs), and sort out any mechanicals (no broom wagon). There are no timing chips, no gold medals, but there is a fine cup of coffee when you get back. Please abide by the Highway Code, respect other road users, acknowledge other riders and don't frighten the horses, and please don't upset the locals with comfort stops!

We have a more comprehensive guide to riding your first audax on our website here.

The start is at Barracuda Café, 118 High Road, East Finchley, N2 9ED, 200m north of East Finchley Tube (local map here). There is free parking on the main road, or at East Finchley tube station. The nearest railway station is Alexandra Palace. The start is at 09.30, but please turn up in good time, especially if you have not entered in advance.

All brevet cards must be fully completed by the finish or they will not be validated – stamps, info questions, details on back and signature. If you don't complete the card, you will count as 'Did Not Finish', however quickly you get round.



Entry Fees and Forms

All on the line entries £10.00 – advance booking from £5 (details on the entry forms – see below).

You can find the entry forms here – you can enter online (after 1 April, and by Friday 8 July) with secure payment via Paypal, or download a form to print to use the traditional postal method.

Route sheet (updated 10 June)

A GPX file of the route (for use with GPS devices) can be downloaded using 'options' on the map on the right.

TCX file of the route (for use with Garmin GPS devices)




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