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3* Ride to West Hoathly led by Nick Wells

Posted on Tuesday 30 January 2007 by Ken Peters

This was definitely a ‘not-the-usual-suspects’ ride as many of the regular 3-star crowd were absent today. I know that there are lots of good reasons for that happening but it was nice to welcome, at least for me anyway, three new riders and to see an old face that has been missing for a very long time.

Before starting I am pleased to report that the milder weather had persuaded me to dispense with one upper body layer compared with the day before and I had reverted to shorts. Mind you my early start had me regretting both until I warmed up as I rode briskly towards central London.

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K+N’s ride

Posted on Monday 15 January 2007 by John Snuggs

K+N’s ride:

A little something for the Nipponophiles:

The order of the fish scales
Hides the chaos
Of moneyed railway fools

Brilliant ride, K+N, despite the railway chaos. And we managed to get through the outer darkness of cars that run on bangra and uppity moped riders to get back to the civilisation of High St Ken in one piece. Although I still reckon we should have had a curry in Southall on the way back. Or put up at the Radisson.

I did 122km – not quite a record (that’s nearer 150km) but still a good blast.

Keith and Naomi’s 3 star ride to Slough

Posted on Sunday 14 January 2007 by Keith Butcher

11 of us turned up on a perfect winters day, and probably set a record distance for a Central London 3 star ride of about 120k. A pretty gentle daylight spin through Burnham Beeches and Cookham to lunch, and then back through Windsor park should have meant we got home early having done about 80km, but … the distance was inspired by Great Western trains who due to a train breakdown couldn’t tell us when a train would next run into Paddington, so we cycled up the A4, all the way home. It even looks not that ugly after dark, though Heathrow smells pretty evil with all that duty free aviation fuel, thanks Paul for backmarking as the traffic flew along the A4. Thank you to everyone for staying together and for staying cheerful when things began to go wrong.

Ancient soup

Posted on Friday 12 January 2007 by John Snuggs

Mark from Pollards Hill noted that some of his Usual Suspects took the weather forecast seriously last weekend. So did some of mine.

A plea to all – weather forecasters deliberately exaggerate cr@p weather in their weekend forecasts. This is partly because they seem to think forecasts are entertainment rather than information and want to tell an exciting story to boost their egos. But they also seem to want to discourage us from visiting the Great Outdoors to avoid anyone calling out the mountain rescue or air ambulance.

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Claygate with the Pollards Hill Cyclists

Posted on Sunday 7 January 2007 by Mark Dawson

Hands up who didn’t come today because they didn’t want to get wet. The forecast was terrible and that probably accounted for the relatively low number of 7 on this joint PHC & CTC ride. However, the weather was fantastic, very mild and I was even blinded by the sun at one point!We started with a meander along the Wandle Trail to Carshalton, cleverly avoiding all the barriers that force you to dismount. Then it was backstreets to Sutton and onto Cheam for Nonsuch Park and a morning stop. I never tire of that small stretch of road behind the Whitehall with the cute wooden cottages.

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ACF ride in Essex – by Nick

Posted on Monday 1 January 2007 by Nick Bloom

My fantastic map reading ability saved us again. What would have been an easy but rather dull ride out was suitably adjusted en route. First, at Stratford, rather than go as intended along the Romford Rd, I followed the road which was signed to Romford. Which meant ending up on the very cycle-unfriendly A12, rather than the A118. But rather than taking the sensible option of getting back on track, we just pushed on regardless. I , of course, knew that we would soon meet up with Ken and follow his route. Planned it all along. I was also merely testing my phone when it flew out my back pocket on a downhill. leaving me to scrabble amongst the verge for the bits – surprisingly, it survived.

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Not Very Flat Bedfordshire

Posted on Monday 1 January 2007 by Ken Peters

An interesting bit of trivia. I was on a CTC ride on the first and last day of 2006. That may sound good but there are others who accompanied me on both those rides, namely, John Snuggs and Nick Bloom. There may be others but this is my report and all I can do is apologise for not name checking any others.The main topic of discussion, as we met, was what the weather would be like. I confidently told those who wanted my opinion that the only real problem was going to be the wind as any heavy rain would arrive well after we finished. I can thank www.metcheck.com for the forecast and, once again, recommend this site to you as it proves, time after time, very accurate and today was no exception. Having a good idea of the weather is, in so many ways, more important during the cooler months and has allowed me to enjoy at least two rides in this month that I could easily have missed if I had not had an accurate idea of the meteorological conditions on the road.

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ACF ride in Essex – by Ken

Posted on Monday 1 January 2007 by Ken Peters

It’s Xmas time so the slackers who are not working have decided to join ACF (Another Cycling Forum) for a ride in Essex. As the ride is scheduled to start from Shenfield and is going to be at a leisurely pace I am one of several people who have decided to ride out to get a few more miles in.

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