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The Tea Shop 2*

Posted on Wednesday 28 February 2007 by Keith Butcher

Due to the usual train problems with Hertford, we had to start this ride from Enfield Town, a station with no attributes other allowing an escape from Enfield. The early morning had been quite wet, but the skies cleared for quite a few to ride out, and some had already found their first tea stop, opposite the station.

Once assembled, we made our way down some bland back streets, cut through a muddy lane, head down briefly along an A road, then into the back of the Hertford lanes. Speed picked up as we could sense an upcoming Garden Centre (by Hertingfordbury), were we stopped for the first official tea stop.

After a short route plotting discussion, we continued on to Datchworth for lunch. An early arrival allowed us to miss a shower, have a relaxed meal, and leave in time for the next short shower. Through Watton and Dane End, up through Nasty and on to Westmill – more tea.

The route to Hertford rolls gently down, and allowed a good blast back. Trains were back to normal, and groups gradually peeled off at their local stops. Once again, despite the forecasts, we hardly got wet and had a great day – highly social, but with some good riding country.

Map of the route by Richard.

Castle Hedingham & Lavenham

Posted on Tuesday 20 February 2007 by Camille Savory

February. Enough already. And we managed to get one of those days which didn’t even live up to its forecast. Consequently, most spent the day feeling somewhat under-dressed / illuminated. Although not the ‘usual suspects’, we were actually a very disciplined bunch, and Marks Tey to Castle Hedingham sped by to the tune of ‘We’re going to be very early’. But alas no err ‘coffee’ breaks. It was even chilly enough for most to agree to the infamous ‘extra loop’ (and indeed loop on a loop), excepting Nicks B & D, who opted to hang around outside the pub in the imaginary sun and gossip…

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1* ride on Feb 4th

Posted on Wednesday 7 February 2007 by Rona Wightman

Expecting another lovely day like Saturday, St Alban’s based leader Rona wrapped up her six year old daughter and hitched up the trailer bike and dusted the cobwebs off her husband’s bike, and headed down to the station. Three local riders there already – I always let the local CTC and the St Albans Cycle Campaign know when I am leading a ride, and I also promote the ride to the Bicycle User Group at work. Plus John from CLCTC who had driven out from North London. Trains running late, of course, but wait not too prolonged.

Set off through St Albans, intending to take advantage of the sunshine and head out north-east into open country. Targets lunch at Codicote and purchase of vegetables at Whitwell. However….

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3* ride on Feb 4th

Posted on Tuesday 6 February 2007 by Ken Peters

A bright but chilly Sunday morning greeted me as I prepared for another day in the saddle. Unlike the day before when I had to clean my bike there was nothing for me to do apart from prepare my drinks for the day and perform the complex stretching and mobility routine that has become a standard part of my waking ritual.

I made a bit of a mistake as I thought that the day was going to be pretty similar to Saturday and did not put on as many layers as I had not anticipated too much cold weather. Once on the road it became clear that things were not quite the same as Saturday as by the time I had got to Wood Green there was considerable mist and the temperature was cool. By the time I arrived at Liverpool Street I was glad that I now generally ride much faster and the extra effort was keeping me warm.

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