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Bluebell Time: 100k Audax

Posted on Friday 27 April 2007 by Camille Savory

Central London CTC at the Bluebell RideCough, sneeze, those of Central London who are still standing head West (the tug of apron strings or merely sunshine), in search of Bluebells. A picture for posterity and we’re off in the usual formation: the fast, the steady, the take-it-easy (and sadistic).Wheezing in the wake of our Esteemed Secretary (fixed, de rigeur), I think he’s doing it with his eyes closed. Possibly asleep. Inez and I fuss and chat and snack and query directions while he sensibly ignores us, bar the odd warning shout of ‘gravel’ or ‘granny’. Neither the lumbering horsebox on a steep downhill or the fact that we tailgate with smoking brake-blocks when the traffic picks up on descents elicits a reaction.

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The Wissant Climb

Posted on Wednesday 18 April 2007 by Camille Savory

Day 1 – the unknown
Reach base. Unload. Nearest coffee and cigarettes? Wissant. 6km. We’re off. A short haul up out of our hamlet. Ouch. Bit of flat coast road. Fields. Mist. Long, long, slow downhill. Past two farms and left into Wissant. Coffee. Cigarettes. Chocolate. Repeat. Best get back. Whence the way we came. Past two farms. Then a long, long “Oh sh..” Grab for the granny and fixate desperately on a bath. Neither helps. Legs and lungs still rubbery as we wobble one by one back down to base, stop, and keel over.

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A little weekend wander.

Posted on Monday 16 April 2007 by Nick Bloom

Over the rude winter months, a few of us had been plotting: What about a quick flit over the Channel for a change of scenery? So, come the Friday after Easter, five of us (John, Camille, Paul, Inez and myself) assembled at Charing X. A peaceful train to Dover, a short twitch to the port, and soon we were on board, ready for lunch. The International Food Court beckoned. Well what should we have expected? Very soon, time to disembark and off to Escalles, following the coast road via Sangatte and trying to go the correct way round roundabouts. Most of us were carrying rucsacs, and I could definitely feel the effect on handling – a rather unpleasant skitterish feeling. along with the noticeable added weight on my rear suspension. The sudden steep & curving drop to the village would have been more fun if I had not been worried my wardrobe would arrive before me.Great hotel – friendly greeting from Madame, garage for the bikes, everything sorted speedily. I’m sure it helped that all of us made the effort to always talk to the locals in their language – they may have sniggered afterwards at our attempts, but we got constant smiles and welcomes everywhere.

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Bob’s *** ride

Posted on Monday 16 April 2007 by Bob Davis

Roger Cline (who stayed with us for most of the day)
Kevin Doyle
Kevin’s pal Kesh Sawai

On train to Amersham arrived just before 10 a.m.

I was worried that we would not reach the foot of Whiteleaf Hill in time for the first ascent of it by the field in the Archer Grand Prix – the most important road race in the South east and one of the top three or four cycle road races in the UK. Which we had come to see. In fact we got there well in time, despite the two problems which became apparent early on.

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John Snuggs will lead us to watch Le Tour

Posted on Wednesday 11 April 2007 by John Snuggs

Nick, Paul Foster, Inez, Camille and John plus newbie Dymmock tried out the route for the 8 July ride from Borough Green to the CTC party at Brenchley and to watch the Tour.

It’s 30km from Borough Green to Brenchley if you go as the (mountain-climbing) crow flies. Due to the undulations, I’d allow at least 1h30min to complete the trip.

We soon got into pretty lanes within 5 mins of leaving Borough Green and set off over the lumps (one of them 10%) via Dunks Green. Then the fast bit through Hadlow and East Peckham to the foot of the hill that Brenchley lives on, with the annoying temporary traffic lights at the top.

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Good Friday Track Meeting at Herne Hill

Posted on Wednesday 11 April 2007 by Nick Bloom

Watching the racing at Herne HillCLCTC is not a racing club, and very few of us would contemplate riding a banked track. But a good number turned out to watch the racing at this traditional Bank Holiday event.As ever, this heralded one of the first really sunny days of the year, and the meeting was packed – CTC groups, LCC groups, Club racers, the couriers and wannabe couriers, L.O.Gs with tells of the past, enthusiastic fans of the current competitors, families, friends and fans.

The morning heats pass as all amble round the circuit, greeting acquaintances, examining the stalls, queuing for food, queuing for drink, and queuing for the toilets. The symbiosis of the race bikes contrasts with the extravaganza of spectators’ bikes – many fixed or single-speed, but also tourers, tandems and trikes.

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Happy Valley

Posted on Tuesday 10 April 2007 by Mark Dawson

Ditches Lane27 people met up at Mitcham Junction for the Bank Holiday Monday joint ride with Central London CTC. This bought back memories of our first Bank Holiday ride where 23 of us descended on a country pub and flipped the manager into Basil Fawlty mode, refusing to serve meals to half the group. I hadn’t told the Harrow at Caterham we were coming – best to get there early then!!We set off along the Wandle Trail to Carshalton Ponds and then meandered through various parks to the Telegraph Track and the Little Woodcote market gardens on our way to the Woodcote Green garden centre for morning coffees. more »

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