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The Sudbury Head Torch – Or how we didn’t quite make it to Dunwich.

Posted on Monday 30 July 2007 by Nick Bloom

I had considered cyclists a moderately intelligent bunch of people, but now I have my doubts. The weather forecasts had been resolutely dire. These were no surprise, just a continuation of the wettest July in memory. But, at 7 p.m., London Fields was crowded with riders intending to ride through the night to Dunwich (no, not Dulwich, Madam – we’re going to Suffolk). more »

A Long Day In Hertfordshire

Posted on Tuesday 24 July 2007 by Ken Peters

Sunday 22nd July – a Long Ride in Hertfordshire

I think that apart from a brief dip into Essex soon after the start that we managed to remain in Hertfordshire but as we go perilously close to Luton Airport we may have got into Bedfordshire briefly but I am sure you will forgive me. There were even some new faces to add to the usual suspects who were out in force. Alex Guite who had ridden on my London – Cambridge ride was along as well as Rory Rhodes who was making a CTC debut after having turned out for the Suburban Breakout Audax a few weeks ago. more »

Two Counties 100, 15 July

Posted on Wednesday 18 July 2007 by John Snuggs

The weather forecast promised meteorological Armageddon (as usual – when will we ever learn), so the first mistake was to take ye olde all-steel bike with mudguards. I didn’t get wet all day, apart from a little light and cooling precipitation that was welcome on what turned out to be a good day for skin leakage (so I was glad I didn’t take my h*lm*t, and Mr Bloom was glad he forgot his).

The second mistake was to allow style to defeat club camaraderie and to turn up dressed in tasteful colours (i.e blue – and I’m still waiting for someone to donate the rest of the Quick-Step kit now I’ve got the hat). I spent all day with the matching but garish Purple Peloton. more »

Tour du Monde

Posted on Tuesday 10 July 2007 by Nick Bloom

As recommended by Sue and Simon:


Le Grand Depart Pictures

Posted on Monday 9 July 2007 by Nick Bloom


Camille took her camera to see if she could catch an Aussie who managed to stay on his bike. So this is what she got instead.

more »

Le Grand Depart

Posted on Monday 9 July 2007 by Nick Bloom

And so Le Tour came to Central London. No-one knew what to expect – was this to be another rain-sodden anti-climax, a few diehard fans scattered around the streets whilst the world walked by? Were we to expect a repeat of last year’s Tour of Britain, a tribute to British Sports management? The BBC seemed to think so, the Ken Livingstone haters hoped so.

But the hum began on Friday. Course preparations were well under way, with seemingly little impact on transport. Riders had been spotted out training on the route, mingling with the work day traffic. At 6 p.m. Trafalgar Square welcomed the opening ceremony, a good crowd cheering each rider in turn as they stumbled a few words of English to the microphones. more »

Snapshots from France

Posted on Thursday 5 July 2007 by Nick Bloom

A couple of pictures sent by Monica form Dave Newman’s French fortnight:

Monica Barry and John

Two Pauls and a John

British Cyclosportive 3

Posted on Thursday 5 July 2007 by Naomi Wolf

I was talked into doing the London Sportif by a few people at work and after a little bit of arm twisting I agreed to give it a shot. 200km (120 miles) is a long way, but it’s the Tour de France and a once in a life time opportunity so I could not say no. more »

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