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To See the Sea

Posted on Wednesday 29 August 2007 by Camille Savory

Phot:Camille Savory

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Posted on Wednesday 29 August 2007 by Nick Bloom

Congratulations to Simon Miller and Nick Wells for successfully completing PBP (that’s a 1200k audax in under 96hrs). I hope we’ll get a proper report soon, but I gather that, just to add to the punishment, it rained pretty steadily throughout.

Where we went on Sunday

Posted on Tuesday 28 August 2007 by John Snuggs

Lumpy bits between Newbury and Andover. No time to write a report, but here’s the route. NB profile.

The Luton and Herts 150, Sunday 19th August

Posted on Tuesday 21 August 2007 by Charlie Keep

It wasn’t actually raining when I left the house, but it was by the time I met Nick in East Finchley. We remarked that it was what might be described as a particularly wet kind of rain. As we rode north west it became heavier, falling in drifts of fine spray. We arrived in Stanmore to find a surprisingly healthy Central London contingent gathering at the start, many suffering a motivational trough at the prospect of 162km in driving rain, but cheered by the knowledge that there were plenty of getting off places on the route.
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