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Le Tour Newman

Posted on Saturday 22 September 2007 by Nick Bloom

Follow the link below for Dave Newman’s illustrated account of his September tour.

Bugundy Vendage

Essex Marshes 15/09/07

Posted on Wednesday 19 September 2007 by Charlie Keep

We were seven setting off for the Essex hinterland on a bright and breezy Saturday morning. Nick, John, Camille, Dennis, Helen, Seth and myself.
The weather was beautiful all day although somehow we ended up with a headwind for the whole ride as the wind swung round to the west at lunchtime.  more »

Ride of the Stuffed Dog

Posted on Tuesday 18 September 2007 by Keith Butcher

Like to thank all 7 riders who came along for making it a really enjoyable day, though typically for me it was 3 star tough in the morning before lunch and a 1 star meander after lunch. Dave Kurtz gave me directions when i got lost, Nick Dean set the pace and sorted out mechanicals, and crucially Julie Willis suggested a ‘hot chocolate cafe’ in Windsor for the afternoon tea stop, that got rave reviews. We found some lumpy bits before lunch and due to a charity bike ride also visiting Windsor only 2 of us saw the Stuffed Dog on the London bound platform at Slough, but I’m sure he will be there next time we visit .

Circuit of Kent Cyclosportive

Posted on Monday 17 September 2007 by Paul Foster

Jo Wright and I both did this last year, and were back for more this year, showing the purple and black and white colours of Central London. Cyclosportives inhabit a territory pitched between full on racing, Audaxes and charity rides. The joy for both Jo & I is that we do not have to worry about navigation – just follow those huge black arrows on a flourescent background. There is considerably more atmosphere than at an Audax, and the riding (both in terms of speed and road manners) is of a much higher standard than prevails at Charity rides. There was a 140 or 80k option. We did the longer version as did the majority of riders.

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Tour of Britain Prologue

Posted on Tuesday 11 September 2007 by Camille Savory

worse than the dentist’s waiting roomSo, the yellow fever that gripped London in July didn’t last long.

Crystal Palace, sarf London: two men and a dog. The sponsors were struggling to give sun-hats away. A smattering of locals, a few clubs in kit, and, I suspect, most of the rest were friends and family. And us, thanks to a last-minute plan to have a short roll round Kent. No big screens, no enlightening commentary – even the riders, as they stormed over the line and turned to check their time, could see only a garbled mess of numbers.
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Upminster and some of south east Essex

Posted on Tuesday 11 September 2007 by Ken Peters

Sunday 9th September – a good day starting in south Essex

Autumn sunshine for this one but unless I am mistaken several of the “usual suspects” were probably taking the sun at Crystal Palace where the Prologue of The Tour of Britain was taking place.

Eventually there were ten, some of whom rode out, but mainly they were train-assisted as is usual. There was a brief delay at Upminster while I passed the time with some members of Havering Branch of Essex DA who were meeting for a ride that was starting at the same time as ours. I did have to make sure that Kelvin was not comandeered by Havering CTC as I had managed to pinch him from them about 18 months ago. more »

All he did was stand and laugh!

Posted on Thursday 6 September 2007 by John Osborne

Getting dry …“He should have been carrying a pole and a rubber ring”, I thought about 12.10 on Sunday when I saw what had happened soon after I hit a speed ramp after coming down a hill on Stephen Street’s one star ride. “After all there are many lakes in southern England and you never know when you may end up in one!”.

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