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A December Century

Posted on Monday 31 December 2007 by Ken Peters

Essex – no trains!

Twelve months ago I also got to do the final 3-star ride of the year so maybe that will become one of my official duties for future years. This one was not without some problems as rail engineering works meant that Liverpool Street and Shenfield were both shut meaning that a fair amount of reorganisation was necessary. I eventually settled on using a route, that I often take when riding on Saturday, into Essex but starting from fairly close to my home in north London, at Tottenham Hale. Nine in all started out and Sue Dorey and Simon Binning also turned up there which was a little bit of a surprise. They had arranged to meet us at lunch but I had rashly assumed that they would get a train part of the way out and only have a short ride but they chose the more adventurous option of taking a more direct route to Hatfield Heath. more »

Lunch at The Haven

Posted on Wednesday 26 December 2007 by Nick Bloom

Like many, I rely on the radio wake me most days. The inane pomposity of presenters rises to a crescendo with the strange fervour marks sports reporters. But Sunday is often an exception. I lie content listening to those rabid guardians of our morality, the religous minority, most eloquently reveal their own malignity. And try to catch a weather report.

Mist. Heavy mist. But no mention of fog (I have no idea if there is some technical difference). At least this means no rain. As I descend over Hampstead Heath oncoming cars have their lights on., but into the centre of town the warmth of commerce clears the air. Only Hyde Park remains illusory, forbidding. more »

Real Ale or Rambling

Posted on Tuesday 18 December 2007 by Ken Peters

Real Ale or Rambling with Kelvin Dane – 9th December 2007

A new pub lunchtime venue is on offer so I’m 2-starring with Kelvin. O.K. I have ridden past it several times so its not new just a pub that I have not visited so I was looking forward to lunch at The Viper. It is highly regarded and makes the Good Pub Guide so things look promising. 4 join me at Liverpool Street, Joanna; a newbie, so welcome, Paul Krebs, Michael Belcher, Richard Philpott. more »

Direct to the country from the glorious surrounds of the Big Chef.

Posted on Tuesday 18 December 2007 by Keith Butcher

Sunday 16th December 3*

A magnificent sunny but chilly winters day enticed 3 riders to take the train to hertford north, and 11 mad souls to cycle out from london, 10 of them having sampled the ‘delights’ of the Big Chef in East Finchley. Cycling out from London meant that I clocked up about 95k, we suffered no mechanicals, and with the leader only getting lost a couple of times (it is possible to get lost in Hertfordshire) at which point Stephen Taylor lessened my embarrassment by leading, or cycled faster than me, or both . The Lilley Arms fed us well and we got back to Stevenage as the sun was setting at 3.30pm, having left home at sunrise. What more could you want, apart from not having to work on the Monday after a ride (ok every monday then)

Hertfordshire by the Back Door

Posted on Friday 7 December 2007 by Ken Peters

Hertfordshire by the Back Door — December 2nd

It was at times wet and windy but a surprisingly large turnout and excellent lunch made for a great winter’s ride.  Before all that there was lots of behind the scenes action.  more »

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