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Watching the North Road Club time-trial

Posted on Wednesday 27 February 2008 by Camille Savory

Fuelled by The Big Chef’s toast and marmalade, those following the basic plan broke out of suburbia and shot north. By Potters Bar there was a steady trickle of early competitors and spectators heading home, and once onto the B158 and course proper, a vast array of bikes and riders to distract us. more »

Nick’s ride to watch the time trial (24 February)

Posted on Monday 18 February 2008 by John Snuggs

For those who don’t see the point of getting up in the dark to brave the mountainous wastelands of north London and reach the Big Chef by 0800, I’ll be getting the 0906 from Kings Cross. arr 0921 at Potters Bar. It’s 6km from there to Essendon, where we can meet Nick. Meet Kings Cross @ 0845.

Playtex Moonwalk 2008 – Volunteer Cyclists Wanted

Posted on Wednesday 13 February 2008 by Nick Bloom

I am writing to you from Walk the Walk, a grant making charity that is not only dedicated to raising money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes, but passionate about encouraging a healthy lifestyle to support prevention. Every year thousands of brave women and men take to the streets in the UK and across the world, wearing decorated bras to Power Walk challenges from 3 miles to 100 miles all with one united aim of raising millions of pounds for vital breast cancer causes.

My reason for writing is that we are in need of a strong team of enthusiastic volunteers for The Playtex MoonWalk 2008. On Saturday, 17th May 15,000 women and men will set off at midnight to Power Walk a marathon around London wearing decorated bras, with that one united aim. We could not hold the event without the help of 1,500 willing volunteers who carry out a variety of essential tasks. more »

Hillingdon Training Day

Posted on Monday 11 February 2008 by Nick Bloom

At some time, most of us have been passed by a road club – a tight pack of riders, singly or in pairs, blowing through. Some may have been tempted to jump on the back, hanging on to a wheel to be pulled by the draught, keeping an uncommon pace with surprising ease till the rate begins to bite.

Now why can’t we do that? Why do we insist on riding strung out along the road like the ragged end of a road race, rather than keeping in one ot more tight bunches – the racing paceline, which helps pull along the tired or weaker rider. There will be times when a couple want to charge a hill or spin off the front for a short while, but then must accept a wait for the slower group to catch up. Far more efficient to stick together, to let the leader lead the ride and set the pace.

So, time for some back to basics lessons. Find a Guru – Rocco Richardson, stalwart of Willesden CC, Audax organiser, PBP Veteran, sometime Velo Club St Raphael racer. Rocco suggests Hillingdon track – no traffic, open to all on Sunday morning but free to use and a good layout. Located in one the less appealing London suburbs, ringed by unfriendly roads, there would only be one reason for this visit. more »

Hillingdon Training Session.

Posted on Friday 1 February 2008 by Nick Bloom

As some of you are aware, we’ve arranged a morning training session at Hillingdon track on Sunday Feb 10th. Our coach will be Rocco Richardson, who many of you know from Audaxing. He will meet us at Ruislip Manor tube station at 9.30 and lead us to the circuit, which is open to all on Sundays – we don’t have it to ourselves, so will have to be well-behaved and dignified. If that is possible. more »

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