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Rapha Ride North

Posted on Friday 30 May 2008 by Nick Bloom

On shallow slates the pigeons shift together, backing against a thin rain from the west.

(Philip Larkin)

We gathered, huddled, under the cover of Smithfield Market, just chill, just damp. The pattern in the puddles constant. First a mere half dozen riders, then a in ones and twos our number grew. A good spread of ages, though almost entirely male, mainly roadies, a sprinkling of foolhardy fixies, a handful of hybrids, even a faired ‘bent. A short time to admire the machinery, as Rapha staffers casually modeled the latest Rapha kit to the hapless masses. A few minutes grace for latecomers, then just after 7.40 Linus lead us out – a string of 40-odd riders, including 9 Central London ‘marshalls’. more »

The Anniversary Celebrations

Posted on Tuesday 13 May 2008 by Richard Philpott

Pat Strauss cuts the Birthday Cake

A very successful party was held on Saturday with some 45 new and long-established members enjoying themselves and the virtually continuous supply of wine. Old friends were warmly greeted, new friendships made and absent friends remembered.  Old photographs were discussed and the array of old club t-shirts and jerseys admired.

Pat Strauss as our founder cut the cake. Fuzz Edwards made the journey by bus from Fulham with the welcome news that Mary is recovering well from her recent accident. Our youngest member, Fay, aged 6 months, was bright-eyed watching everyone imbibe themselves.

This was followed on Sunday by the anniversary rides, with one, two and three star riders converging on Blackmore at lunchtime. Altogether 49 riders (and a few who travelled by other means) gathered in the sunshine to continue the previous night’s reminisinces.

The group photo - Sunday lunchtime.

The 3* Birthday Ride

Posted on Monday 12 May 2008 by Nick Bloom

Though bereft of any founder members — Roger Cline is celebrating his own anniversary on LEJoG — a large group spilled out of Witham station blinking in unaccustomed sunlight. The 16 comprised regulars, a few unreliables, even a couple of new faces. A brief pause whilst some splashed cream on lily-white skin, whilst others prepared their lungs. Due to some late-day alterations, we had a lead committee. It was John Snuggs’ ride, but I myself had prepared the route to lunch. Now my navigation has somewhat of a reputation, though I say so myself. An element of surprise, the joy of discovery. I got us lost again. Thankfully, Richard Philpott, whilst watching the tail, would correct our course with a barely perceptible sigh of resignation. more »

Architecture Rides

Posted on Wednesday 7 May 2008 by Nick Bloom

The London Festival of Architecture runs from June 20th till July 20th, and includes a number of rides (and some walks) which may be of interest – including a ride to Herne Hill Velodrome. Full details are at www.lfa2008.org/, but I’ve listed the main rides below (which are led by Southwark Cyclists):

more »

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