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Rapha South

Posted on Friday 27 June 2008 by Nick Bloom

‘A 13.1km meander after work when the sun is guaranteed to shine‘ according to the Rapha site. Well, we got the meander. No fear of striking due south along the direct route, we twisted and turned through Southwark and Lambeth, the leaders and tailenders occasionally crossing. As last month, some forty riders had gathered at Smithfield (nine from CLCTC), all but four were male, maybe one third were riding fixed. The ride itself was short and sharp, the pervading mystery of South London the main topic of talk. With grey clouds looming, Herne Hill itself was somewhat bleak, as the dernys pulled their trains. There’s a grim determination needed to keep the pace lap upon lap, a strong discipline to follow the wheel, each lap the leader climbing up the banking to drop to the back. And when all were through one derny let rip, flying round the track at full pelt, legs spinning & body leaning wildly. To the pub, beer and chat, and that Rapha ride essential – a wet journey home.

You can see the Chilterns …

Posted on Wednesday 25 June 2008 by Charlie Keep

… all day, but you never have to go up them”,  was the pitch for this ride, which described a squashed ovoid shape lying in a south-westerly anti-clockwise loop from Princes Risborough with a diversion at the end to take in a section of the Pheonix Trail. It is a very flat route with no serious hills to speak of for the whole day. The lack of gradient however was somewhat neutralised by the headwind in the morning which was brutal and unrelenting. This was a shame because the first part of the ride features two stretches of long straight B-road which are fun to put your head down and belt along in the manner of migrating wildebeest. We were more like pack ponies struggling across the tundra. more »

Brown Bear at Braughing

Posted on Monday 23 June 2008 by Ken Peters

Much has happened in the last few weeks since I last wrote a ride report. May, for instance, when all rides were in Essex and only the wet Spring Bank Holiday ride featured a train trip. Since then I led a 22-strong 2 star ride that was almost hijacked by a few of the faster riders but that did allow me to learn a new trick. If you ever find that people want to ride too fast when you are leading, simply ride at the back of the group and eventually they will get the message and slow down then you can, probably, control the pace of the ride from the front again. more »

Quo vadis?

Posted on Friday 20 June 2008 by Rona Wightman

It stayed dry for our one-star picnic ride last Sunday, but the temperature varied throughout the day, we always seemed to be taking long sleeve tops off and then putting them on again.  Quis? Four adults plus one seven year old on Islabike trailer.  Quo vadis? We set off on the Alban Way, heading west to Sopwell and through St Julians to Watling Street (Roman Road).  Through Park Street (village) and on a bit, we reached the cool green depths of Bricket Wood Common.  Bridleway through the Munden estate, across the Colne and up into the grounds of Wall Hall to Aldenham, where we admired the old church and the village green.  Through Letchmore Heath, with its duck pond and red rumble strips (altogether now ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah) and up the hill to Aldenham Country Park, where we had our picnic. more »

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