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Autumn Assortment 200

Posted on Monday 29 September 2008 by Martin Hayman

With the weather forecast as fine and still as ever could be hoped for on the last weekend of September, the 200K out of Ruislip was a must. At dawn, Sunday looked as if it would deliver its promise. But once out of doors it was cold — surprisingly cold.
As the morning’s first train out of Finchley Road flew west over metroland, playing fields blanketed in fog previewed what was to come.
Among the number gathered at the clubhouse were some seasoned long-distance riders: one fresh from a 3000K event in Italy, another who had recently completed Calais–Brindisi, and a third about to depart for six months cycle-camping in New Zealand. So it was plain that Rory and I would be in for some hard riding. more »

Blenheim Palace Time Trial

Posted on Monday 29 September 2008 by Stephen Taylor

The first rule of time trialling – remember your number and listen out for it when it is your time to start.  I was (a) convinced my number was something other than it actually was and (b) too busy chatting to Roger just as my number was being called.  Luckily he was paying attention and I got to the line, pulling on my gloves in the last few seconds.
George was going thirty seconds ahead of me.  He was already being held up by one of the starters.  Then he was gone.  In the next thirty seconds as my time counted I watched him disappear up towards the palace.
Five, four, three, two, one. more »

The Dr Prescribes

Posted on Monday 22 September 2008 by Bob Davis

I met Rory at Golders Green, Angela set off before us from Tally Ho, and we met Nick Dean at Barnet Hill.

Off to Hertford North (the cafe at the station has been revamped, and veggies can now NOT enjoy the bacon rolls. Seriously, it is a lot better).

Roger and Kay, david Colussi and Derek Chiles arrived and we were off to Westmill – Rory decamped after 15 minutes to go back to the Freewheel. more »

To the hermit with Angela

Posted on Thursday 11 September 2008 by Ken Peters

It was not a good morning as I woke to heavy rain. Oh good, I thought, I can stay in bed and get out for a ride with my local group if the weather clears up later but I remembered that I had promised to ride shotgun for Angela so I reluctantly rose and got ready to ride. more »


Posted on Wednesday 10 September 2008 by Camille Savory

We gathered, in dribs and drabs, to watch some surprisingly big names race – some of whom brought their own clouds. You could get close enough to hear locals Bradley Wiggins and David Millar wise-crack at the signing on, while the Europeans smiled and obliged with a few words. The course was 8 laps of what was pretty much my commute – but at least for them it stayed dry. Our chosen vantage point at the Embankment corner gave a great view of the riders as they singled out to round it safely, and Hungerford bridge a bird’s-eye view of the rainbow peloton streaming along by the river.

It was classic criterium racing – after a lap spent checking out the road surface, the pace was upped then a break of 8 got away from the bunch. Eventually they were reeled in, apart from a solo Italian bid for glory, to be quashed by the efforts of CSC. So the bunch stormed together towards the finish in the shadow of Big Ben, with star sprinter Petacchi taking it.

Then they were all whisked away to Milton Keynes ready for the next stage, and some of us piled back to Italia Uno to catch the last hour of the Vuelta a Espana on TV.

The Start (and End) of Summer

Posted on Wednesday 3 September 2008 by Richard Philpott

On Michael’s walk along the ridge of the South Downs on Saturday, with ice creams on Ditchling Beacon and afternoon tea in Lewes, it felt as if Summer had arrived at last (for one day only). Here are a few photos and a map of the walk:

more »

Rapha West

Posted on Tuesday 2 September 2008 by Martin Hayman

…is the only mass-start ride I’ve ever been on where I lost the entire field within 15 minutes and didn’t see them again until the pub at the finish!

I had carefully studied the route promulgated on the Rapha website and memorized it. West London is my patch and, apart from a little vagueness near Chelsea Harbour, I knew where I was going without referring to instructions. That meant I didn’t take the route sheet at the start at Smithfield, so I don’t know what was indicated for Hyde Park Corner. What I do know is that Grosvenor Crescent is mos def left, not right, so I was astonished, after reaching the top of Birdcage Walk at the head of a pretty untidy peloton and plunging into the roundabout, to look over my shoulder and see everyone streaming through the Wellington Arch. more »

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