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Windmill 110: the wonder II

Posted on Tuesday 30 June 2009 by Camille Savory

As sometimes audaxes can seem tediously hard work, sometimes they are simply enjoyable (and a flat summer 100 in Essex has the odds stacked in its favour).  The start although tucked away, is only a km or so from Chelmsford station – it’s slightly disconcerting to see Chelmer CC’s racing contingent streaming past in aero helmets for their annual time trial competition. more »

Wednesday Wander 200K: the Wonder of Audax

Posted on Thursday 18 June 2009 by Martin Hayman

Not all of us enjoy Audax. Of its nature, Audax is an event for individuals, and self-sufficiency, of equipment and navigation, a requirement. That is the challenge we accept I guess.

I bunked off for the day for the Wednesday Wander 200 out of Ruislip, another Rocco/Liz production. The forecast was not ideal, cloud and squally winds heading in from the west. I was running late for the start as I drove down the A40. A big stone chip flew off the opposite carriageway and starred the windscreen  not a good auspice. I signed on (a meagre dozen or so riders) and was just about ready to go at 8:00 when I was reminded to pay for the car park. As I fiddled with purse and ticket machine, the party left. more »

London to Cambridge, again.

Posted on Tuesday 16 June 2009 by Ken Peters

June 13th 2009.

Great a sunny Saturday and I’m off to Cambridge. This is the 3rd year I have led this ride which is usually popular and has brought out different people from the normal Sunday group.

On arrival at Finsbury Park there is a lively bunch waiting. I have to confess to being lazy and taking the train from Winchmore Hill as it is one the same line and does save me about 15 minutes. The first duty was to find any new riders but Sarah had saved me that problem and introduced me to Florencia who is Argentinian.
more »

Swift racing

Posted on Monday 8 June 2009 by Camille Savory

A bunch of us met up at Smithfield to have a beer / coffee and watch the evening’s racing. The folder races were good fun for both spectators and participants – we spotted more than a few clipless pedals and lycra shorts hidden by innocuous office attire. The fixie-skid event was obviously for aficionados only. It was good to see a women’s race – a high attrition rate amongst the club riders testament to the skill and sheer speed of the leading bunch, the winner flying round the last two laps. And then as dusk fell, the elite men’s race starring European pro rider Ben Swift, along with Britain’s best. Again, an aggressive pace shed riders quickly until about two dozen were left snaking round the market in a long and sinuous line, one then another trying to launch themselves off the front but never quite managing to get away. It came down to a sprint for the line, Russell Downing, Tony Gibb and Swift fending off the rest. A great evening of racing right on our doorstep.

The Cole Green Way

Posted on Tuesday 2 June 2009 by Charles Harvey

Alison had done a splendid job in organising both the weather and the landscape. It was sunny and hot and the route followed the Cole Green Way, a former railway track from Welwyn Garden City to Hertford and then the path along the River Lea to Ware and Amwell. It was the nearest thing to a hill free ride one is going to find outside the Fens. more »

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