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Autumn Colours in the Chilterns

Posted on Thursday 29 October 2009 by David Kurtz

Fallen Tree, South of FreithJohn Comerford chose the perfect day for an autumn ride through Burnham Beeches and the lanes of the Chilterns before crossing the river at Hambledon and taking the train home from Twyford.  It was an excellent, if rather hilly, ride.

Chief Engineer Selwyn HardyThe only misfortune was shortly after lunch, the bolt that clamps the saddle to the saddle pin sheared on a bike.  An expert team of mechanics, lead by Selwyn, was assembled to bodge it back in place.  It was more ‘Scrapyard Challenge’ than ‘Apollo 13’! Several nylon ties, bits of wire and nuts and bolts later the saddle was in place if not particularly stable.  However, Nina could sit on it and free wheel (if not pedal) to the train home from High Wycombe.

Stevenage Summertime Reversed Audax

Posted on Monday 26 October 2009 by John Snuggs

What a great ride!

About eight of the Purple Peloton turned out including me, Stephen, Keith, Naomi, Phil Magnus, Rogers C and F and Kay (apologies to any I’ve missed). more »

Up and down in the Chilterns

Posted on Sunday 18 October 2009 by Bob Davis

Sunday 18th October and it is (near enough) 30 years since I did my first bike race. What happened was that I had just joined Paddington Cycling Club and the secretary/coach, John Austin, asked if I wanted to do a bike race the next Sunday. It was a hill climb – time-trial up a hill – and I wanted an idea of how hard it was. “How long is it”, I innocently enquired. “About 2 minutes for the good guys, everybody else should get in under 3 minutes”, came the reply. “Ah well”, I thought, “that can’t be too hard…”. more »

Krebs the Culprit as Credit Crunch Hits CTC

Posted on Monday 12 October 2009 by Sue Dorey

The day started well. Six of us left Sevenoaks (Paul K, Tom J, Stephen, Sue D, Michael B, led by Roy) He took us up hill and down dale, along the Pilgrim’s Way, past picture-postcard cottages with witches-hat conical roofs (converted from oast houses), to the Swan on the Green microbrewery at West Peckham, where we lunched handsomely, as always on Roy’s rides. It wasn’t until we were back at the station that things started to go pear-shaped. As we stood on the platform, Roy having left to return home via Staplehurst, several mobiles beeped simultaneously. more »

Beating my personal best

Posted on Monday 5 October 2009 by Stephen Taylor

For the second year I entered the Blenheim Palace time trial and by now I should be getting the hang out of it. However, the air of nervous anticipation that hung over me at the start led me to make several mistakes before i was even on the road. In my nervousness I managed to leave my gloves and glasses (luckily not prescription) in the tent where I signed on. Then, walking across the dewy grass in the early morning my cleats became clogged up which meant I could barely clip in. Finally, I just could not seem to balance as I was held upright to start. So I started with one foot on the ground which, with the grass-clogged cleat, meant it took me several revolutions before I had both feet in the pedals and I was off and riding.

My ambition was to do better than my time last year (39 minutes 45 seconds) and, if possible to manage a time of 37 and a half minutes which would equal an average speed of 20mph for the 20 kilometre route. This would be my stepping stone to greater things next year when I turn 50 and aim to complete a 25 mile TT. more »

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