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Krebs the Culprit as Credit Crunch Hits CTC

Posted on Monday 12 October 2009 by Sue Dorey

The day started well. Six of us left Sevenoaks (Paul K, Tom J, Stephen, Sue D, Michael B, led by Roy) He took us up hill and down dale, along the Pilgrim’s Way, past picture-postcard cottages with witches-hat conical roofs (converted from oast houses), to the Swan on the Green microbrewery at West Peckham, where we lunched handsomely, as always on Roy’s rides. It wasn’t until we were back at the station that things started to go pear-shaped. As we stood on the platform, Roy having left to return home via Staplehurst, several mobiles beeped simultaneously.

It was Roy, texting to tell us he’d discovered a shortfall in the accounts – Paul hadn’t paid his 50p contribution at lunchtime! A flurry of texts were exchanged. Michael and Sue pleaded for clemency – had not Paul generously bought us coffees at lunchtime? But as an ex-policeman, sworn to uphold the law, Roy stood firm and enlisted the assistance of Tom, a professional accountant, in recovering the debt. Mortified at being thus named and shamed, Paul vowed to pay in full at the earliest opportunity. (Fortunately for him, interest rates are low at present). The accounts will be meticulously scrutinised at the AGM, to ensure the outstanding debt has been duly met.

Some may say that this is a storm in a valve cap, as the contribution is voluntary anyway. But in this time of recession, financial integrity is more vital than ever .

This entry was posted on Monday 12 October 2009 at 21:27 by Sue Dorey in Ride reports, Two star rides.
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