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Brazier’s Run

Posted on Monday 28 February 2011 by Nick Bloom

Insistent light rain, occasionally heavy. Chill wind, penetrating. A route aptly described as ‘choppy’. Audax time.

As usual, this event attracts a mixed bunch – the local clubs on winter bikes, PBP hopefuls, the regulars and the curious. And the inevitable tandem. more »

Hardriders ride up rivers

Posted on Sunday 27 February 2011 by Bob Davis

Billed as ‘Chiltern Hilly’ three-star, I had planned the ride based on the middle section of the late lamented Hilly Chiltern Hundred Audax. This was an annual mid-summer Audax from Ballinger via Marlow, taking in 1800 metres of climbs of the short and sharp variety, much beloved by many of us. For a late winter ride we would be joining the circuit at Bledlow Ridge after climbing up from Princes Risborough, doing about half the distance of the Audax plus the ride to and from the circuit.

The weather forecast promised well – cold and sunny with the possibility of a few showers later in the day. So all looked well.

And then … more »

Regent’s Park Tune-up and Social: an update

Posted on Friday 25 February 2011 by Martin Hayman

The Thursday evening Regent’s Park Tune-up and Social, inaugurated by Nick Bloom a couple of years ago, has enjoyed a half-life through two winters. On the finest, mildest evening of the year so far, a mere couple of us turned out to stretch our legs, but as a change we were to be joined by a guest, Paul Waddington, of VC Beverley.

As usual, Jon and I met at the cafe on the Inner Circle and swung into the routine of clockwise circuits at medium tempo. Presently we were joined by Paul, who had been delayed en route by an impact puncture on one of central London’s gaping potholes. Paul is a proper roadie and the pace picked up. Soon Jon and I were moving well beyond our comfort zone, Paul’s legs whirling around like bees wings on his 72″ fixed. Some consider this form of circuit cycling like nothing so much as a hamster’s futile exercise on a wheel; but it has its own zen charm. more »

Heading for the sea (and making it – sort of)

Posted on Monday 14 February 2011 by Stephen Taylor

When I moved to London many years ago one of the first things I learned was how to escape it. I soon discovered that if I rode the bike far enough (and sometimes not even that far) I would find myself beyond the suburbs and out into the countryside. Occasionally there was the odd remnant of London but soon even that would vanish and be replaced by woods and fields and country lanes. This weekend’s 3* ride was a little like that. more »

Fifty at Fifty – thank you

Posted on Monday 14 February 2011 by Stephen Taylor

Thank you who turned out for my fifty mile bike ride to help celebrate my fiftieth birthday. It was great fun if hard work. The climb towards the end reminded that I have some work to do if I am going to get around the Hell of the Ashdown at the end of February! Thanks to all for waiting for me. And especial thanks for holding back at the end so that I could have the honour of cruising over the finish line first.  And a final thanks to Martin for his posting.

50@50 TTT: Us vs. Æolus

Posted on Monday 7 February 2011 by Martin Hayman

Stephen, ever-popular, had invited 3-star riders to join a hubristically-titled ’50@50 Team Time Trial’ for his 50th birthday ride.

We detrained at Knebworth and after some delay and low-rent banter at Dr Bob’s expense, nearly a dozen set off for an anti-clockwise loop around Stevenage (geddit?) and Baldock, to end at Emily’s tearooms in Whitwell. The aim was to complete the 50 miles in 4 hours, a mere bagatelle for real cronometrists but a proper challenge for our crew. more »

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