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Where the road ends and the sea begins

Posted on Wednesday 29 June 2011 by Stephen Taylor

On Sunday we cycled so far we ran out of road. Half a dozen of us set out from London Fields before 9am. Our plan was to reach the coast. This was a reprise of the ride I had led a few months ago when we had ridden out to Maldon. On that occasion we had managed a hint of the sea coming up the Blackwater Estuary and from our plates of fish and chips. This time we were hoping to get a little further … more »

Windmill audax – the longer version

Posted on Tuesday 28 June 2011 by Thomas James

Three Central London riders entered the longer (210km) version of the Windmill audax on 26 June this year. We were one veteran of a few (shorter) brevets populaires rides and two riders completely new to audax, but not wanting to bother with the easy stuff first.

The theme of this annual ride, run by our colleagues at Essex CTC, is of course windmills, and there are ten of them to spot on the way.  It was the longest Sunday of the year and it turned out to be the hottest too.

We left the start at the Chelmer CC hut at 0830 (the rest of the field left at 0829, taking us by surprise) … more »

Guildford CTC 150 km Challenge Ride & Sportive

Posted on Thursday 2 June 2011 by Martin Hayman

Our squad was formed up and ready to go by the time I arrived, rather out of sorts, at CTC HQ in a business park on the outskirts of Guildford. It was cloudy and cool for May, with a blustery southwesterly promising opposition on the outward leg.

The route passes through the gap in the downs at Puttenham and runs west alongside the Hog’s Back, just kisses Farnham, and then turns south towards Headley Down. Into Hampshire the lanes become steeper and gnarlier, so I was nonplussed, braking into a blind bend mid-descent, to see Brenda flashing fearlessly past on the outside. (This was to have consequences.)

At the Liphook food stop, Naomi said she was feeling poorly and would not continue on the longer route, so that was Keith also counted out. The sun was breaking through and it was tempting to loaf around eating cake (alas, no coffee) in the pleasingly sheltered courtyard. But Charlie said he didn’t want to stiffen up and headed off on his tod. I followed soon afterwards with Stephen, Brenda, Mike and a couple of others. more »

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