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Chilterns Hilly: of speed wobble and drive by shootings

Posted on Sunday 11 December 2011 by Bob Davis

Some of us remember the late lamented Hilly Chilterns 100 kms Audax – the “Chilly Hilterns” , a collection of numerous short and very sharp hills in the Chilterns between Amersham and Marlow. This ride was due to cover some of the second part of it.

The usual suspects gathered at Marylebone: Martin Hayman, Keith and Naomi, Matthew Wright, Damian, Roger and Kay and Phil Coleman. Elevenses and late lunch rather than a long stop were planned and I think worked out OK.

Super picturesque Hambleden has the village shop for cake and coffee, and an interesting insight into rural life provided as I sat inside. A pair of locals discussed the tribulations of the farming community: “It was a drive by shooting…”. more »

The Brunel Museum Ride

Posted on Saturday 3 December 2011 by Charles Harvey

First of all the credits: this ride was a blatant rip-off of Colin Wing’s “Docks and Ducks” ride. He was very gracious when I rang him and asked if I could use it. He said that there was no copyright on rides and that he’s published it in The London Cyclist so that others could ride it. The only bit of the ride I can claim any credit for was the stretch from St Pancras to Southwark Bridge.

My thanks also to Tom and Ian for acting as backstops. Their job was essential as the route twisted and turned through the City and along the south bank of the Thames. Riders do need to get into the habit of looking behind at turns to check that the riders behind can see them.

For a 1* ride, it was well attended with over 20 joining the ride at either St Pancras or London Bridge. more »

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