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Fishing and Cycling

Posted on Friday 18 May 2012 by Charlie Keep

I am ashamed to admit that it had escaped my mind that I was leading the ride this weekend. Thankfully I casually checked the list during the week to see what was on, and discovered that I had put the wrong date in my diary. Not a big problem, just a risk that I would be a little on the weary side having returned on Saturday from a few days of trekking over the highland heather in pursuit of trout.

And so a contrast of environments and activities presented itself as I went from Saturday to Sunday. Fishing and cycling are two sports quite high on the “proportion of time spent faffing with equipment” ranking, and similar in the oceans of hours they can consume for the enthusiast, similar also in that their appeal comes to a large extent from the communion with one’s environment and the opportunity to escape the digital ropes which bind us in the modern world. And both can be rewarding as solitary activities but (to my mind) really are better enjoyed in company. But the distant Scottish hills, and the wealthy and comfortable fields of south Oxfordshire felt like different sides of the world.

A solid and quality team of nine started out, and all came back together. more »

Constable country walk

Posted on Thursday 17 May 2012 by Anna Bagi

A jolly group gathered at Manningtree station from far and wide. We followed the Stour Valley path to Flatford Mill, where we had our tea stop and visited the small Constable museum . We proceeded on to East Bergholt  where the 16th century bell cage attracted a lot of interest. I learnt a new English phrase as I never knew that you “parked a bell”, I also didn’t know that they have to be parked upside down.




Parked Bells

Parked Bells

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Into the storm

Posted on Wednesday 2 May 2012 by Thomas James

A few of us had joined the Wessex CTC’s autumn audax last year but had found ourselves cycling through a downpour. Four of us (I, Christine, Sabina, Sarah W) thought it might be good to see the area in better weather, so enrolled for the New Forest 100km Day Out ride on 29 April.

We rode part of the way down on Saturday through some light showers. We started at Winchester (tea stop) then rode over the hills to Romsey (tea stop) then into the New Forest with a break at Lyndhurst (tea stop, you get the picture) then a final stage to Lymington and, this time, dinner at a local fish restaurant we knew from the last visit.

We knew the weather forecast was not good for Sunday but we were not starting until 10.00 and the rain was due to clear before lunch. Others were more cautious: only one third of the registered riders had showed up.

We set off through the pouring rain. Three of us were breaking audax tradition lacking mudguards but it didn’t matter as all were soon wet though, anyway as a mixture of pouring rain, huge puddles and careless drivers ensured a steady supply of water from all directions. By 11.30 there was no sign of the end and we lost Sabina in front as she found a quicker group to follow. The remaining three followed our tea stop instincts as we passed a farm shop near Ringwood with basic café attached, but fortunately I was prevented from staying there “until the rain stops”. It was still raining when we left.

We continued along the Avon valley by the ever-wider river though some very large puddles, Christine leading the way though the water. We stopped again for lunch at the Breamore Tea Barn and then a hillier section cutting though Wiltshire. A puncture (Christine) and faulty brakes (me) necessitated a pause for repairs where a very hospitable local couple lent us space in their garage and an offer of tea (we had to decline as two tea stops an hour would have been too much even for us). It was still raining when we left. more »

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