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Fear & Loathing on the Road to Tunbridge Wells

Posted on Monday 24 September 2012 by Martin Hayman

What did it was the moment an onrushing car, at the crest of the rise about 500 m distant, decided to storm past a slower vehicle down the dip slope towards us. In fine weather, it would have been a questionable manoeuvre. In the conditions, it was truly terrifying.

Rain was plummeting down, driven by a chill easterly blowing the leaves off the forest trees that crowd in over the narrow, switchback B2169, turning it into a dark tunnel; the road surface deeply rippled chip-and-seal, holes concealed by deep standing water, requiring me to pilot our 3-man squad, at absolutely maximum effort, some couple of metres out from the crumbling edge. Near-continuous traffic, lights blazing, blasted past us at 50 mph or more. My spectacles (and indeed eyes) were filled with rain; having dropped the chain once already, I dare not risk the change out of the big ring. Stopping was not an option. more »

Watching the Tour of Britain

Posted on Wednesday 19 September 2012 by Bob Davis

The focus of watching the final stage of the Tour of Britain was incentive for new and old members to meet up for a (in the main) enjoyable ride in the Surrey hills.

Your leader met fellow old timer Nick Dean, and current regular Tom Bartlett at Waterloo, where we were joined by Jack Thurston of Resonance FM’s “The Bike Show” , and two new riders.

Setting off from Dorking it became apparent that one of our new riders, despite being divested of her D-locks at the station bike park, her pannier carried by yours truly, and inflation of tyres by Nick, was not ready for a *** ride. She was exhausted by lunch time, where fortunately she only had a downhill ride back to the station. The moral could be: don’t try a *** until you have done a **, unless you are fairly experienced at day rides.

The day was characterised by loads of club cyclists and a charity ride, so often there were more bikes than cars. more »

Kent Cyclosportive 9th September 2012

Posted on Thursday 13 September 2012 by Bob Davis

One of the sportives accessible by train from central London on the day (just), I was looking for a contingent of Central London CTC. Train at 8.08 from Waterloo makes it feasible.

Unfortunately I ended up the only one flying the colours out of 750 starters. Angela Dale was due to ride and ready to set off from her Sevenoaks base when (luckily not permanently serious) grandchild domestic accident forced her to the local A & E for the day instead.

And you missed a beautiful day. more »

Further away

Posted on Wednesday 5 September 2012 by Charles Harvey

Clearly 1* riders do not like to travel too far. The last time I led a ride from Bedford I only had one on the ride and this time there were only two, a very nice couple from South London. So, with three on the ride, organisation was easy, no need for a backstop and no long waits at cafes.

We left Bedford heading east on NCN route 51, a former railway line. It’s a pleasant way to exit the town, traffic free and initially following the river. We stopped to look at Priory Park on the eastern edge of the town and then headed into open county until we reached Willington. We had a brief diversion there to look at a 16th century dovecote, now owned by the National Trust, before stopping for an early lunch at the Danish Camp, once a Viking boatyard, now a cafe overlooking the Great Ouse.

more »

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