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Burnham-on-Crouch walk

Posted on Wednesday 28 November 2012 by Anna Bagi

The trains were running OK, so can’t expect the weather be good as well. A picnic lunch may have not appealed to all on a rainy, windy November day, but strangely there is nothing at all on the route expect for an Indian restaurant three-quarters of the way.

I noticed Paul’s terrified face expression as he saw the three women, Laura, Mel and me. This initial worry soon dispersed as they found common grounds with Laura talking about mobile phone specifications, largely incomprehensible for some of us. Katherine and Roy was waiting for us at the Cabin Dairy café which was our starting point. more »

Ups and a Down on the Chilterns Hilly Three-Star

Posted on Thursday 22 November 2012 by Bob Davis

Is there a law of Karma? Is anything good inevitably followed by something bad? There is always a suspicion that when things look good, something bad will be bound to happen…at least that’s what is on my mind when leading a ride.

I’d done an extra recce, knew the area well, the forecast was good – what could go wrong? I turn up at Euston and – the train is cancelled. Panic sets in, and I put Sarah off by saying that everything is going to be rushed: we will be an hour behind due to having to wait for the next train and/or plot a different route, and we’re on a tight schedule for an 80km hilly ride. more »

Campionissimo scozzese!

Posted on Tuesday 20 November 2012 by Martin Hayman

It’s unusual for us to publish pictures of men in suits, or indeed of club members in mufti generally. But this one, of 4* sturdy and recent end-to-ender Phil Coleman, certainly merits a view. He is pictured of course with Team GB Olympian Sir Chris Hoy, at the UCI Track World Cup round 2 at the new Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow. “I can’t get over what a fabulously lovely bloke he is — charming and a delight to meet,” writes Phil. Perhaps Phil will have picked up some tips from Sir Chris on riding fixed and will apply them on his commute on the new Condor Classico Pista.

That’s Phil on the left!

Suburban wild country

Posted on Monday 19 November 2012 by Marion Houghton

In glorious sunshine, 15 of us set out from West Ewell in deepest suburbia.  Most were on MTBs but a few brought their hardy touring bikes and Michael’s small wheeled belt-drive bike also made an appearance.

After a couple of minor navigational lapses somewhere improbably leafy near Tolworth, we were soon bowling along the easy flat paths in Horton Country Park amid beautiful late autumn foliage and blue skies.  Across Ashtead Common and the railway line and on past the City of London Freemen’s School in its fine country setting and then after a mile on road we darted up Stane Street, a Roman road, to take us to the pub at Headley spot-on 12 noon.  Once the menus were rustled up, we were fed and watered reasonably quickly and on our way again.

After lunch things got a little more ‘technical’ due mainly to the mud which took its toll on those with close fitting mudguards. more »

Ragazzi irlandesi

Posted on Wednesday 7 November 2012 by Martin Hayman

You will have seen in in our report on the Ride of the Falling Leaves that our 4* ride animator, Damian McNamara, was headed to Mallorca for 10 days’ hard riding under the tutelage of the great Irish campionissimo (and Eurosport commentator) Sean Kelly. Lest you thought we were pulling your leg, here’s himself on the front with the great man! To be sure, there’ll be no slacking around on this winter’s club runs.

That’s Damian on the right. Is he half-wheeling Sean?

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