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Back by Two (or even One?)

Posted on Monday 31 December 2012 by Bob Davis

No three star rides had been scheduled for the ‘dead period’ between Christmas and New Year, so I volunteered to lead a ride to Hertford.

Nobody else was at Barnet Church (watch out where you wait here, a cyclist was killed recently at this junction), although Jim Higson got there a few minutes later. Not to worry, the main crowd of nine who had met at Caffe Nero in Highgate arrived shortly, with Damian speeding up to us a little afterwards.

Then I took the group through the lanes to Hertford on my route – which some had not been on before – there are plenty of routes through Little Switzerland. We were at the café in Hertford before 11.00, and ready to go by 11.30. All the rest rode straight back to London, apparently most were back home by 13.00. I wanted some more of the lanes, so another hour to Welwyn North for the 12.47 back.

For information: the café at Welwyn North station is open on Sundays, albeit only until 14.00, so that could be a useful alternative for a stop on the way out.

I was back home with 75km on the clock before 14.00 (it is only 27 minutes train time from Welwyn North to Finsbury Park).

Luton Loop

Posted on Monday 10 December 2012 by Martin Hayman

Damian has exploited the Thameslink St Pancras–Luton line to open up a cycling country comparatively little-known to us. Conveniently, riders are also able to join the train at Kentish Town, West Hampstead, and Cricklewood. Damian’s 4* squad comprising Bob, Jon, Martin, Mike, and Raphael was briefed to the effect that this was an 80-km morning bash with no coffee stop en route.

Luton – the most southerly Midland town, it has been called – more »

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