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And then there were two …

Posted on Tuesday 19 March 2013 by Katherine McDonnell

For those that decided to back off Helen Dutton’s walk on 16 March, you missed out on a great day. Yes it was a rainy one and yes some aspects of the walk a bit muddy but all to be expected really. I met Helen at Borough Green station as scheduled but since there were only the two of us and the weather wasn’t the best, we decided to modify things a bit.

We walked from Borough Green to Ivy Hatch where we stopped for a real treat of a lunch at the Plough Inn. In addition to the delicious food we ordered, we felt we deserved a hot drink so opted for a mulled wine (just to warm us up you understand)! Needless to say, we took our time over this wonderful repast where we toyed with the idea of “do we walk back to Borough Green or go on to Kemsing” We braved it to Kemsing where we thought we might try a tea shop which came highly recommended but instead headed straight for the station.

All in all, we covered about 12km and although a bit shorter than originally planned, all very worth while.

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