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Volunteering opportunities at RideLondon

Posted on Wednesday 19 June 2013 by Richard Philpott

Prudential RideLondon’s Olympic legacy cycling festival begins on Saturday 3 August and includes a massive FreeCycle around 8 miles of closed London streets and its most popular landmarks, a world record attempt, and a spectacular sprint finish in the Grand Prix.

Sunday 4 August will see 25,000 cyclists riding almost the same route as the 2012 Olympic road race in the London-Surrey 100 – see maps of the weekend’s cycle routes. They will be followed by 150 of the world’s elite cyclists, who will compete in the Classic event.

The CTC (the national organisation of which we are a member group) is seeking volunteers from among its members to help with the marshalling of the events.

Opportunities for volunteering include:

  • – Route safety marshals
  • – Crossing marshals
  • – Flag marshals directing cycle traffic
  • – Volunteer leaders

Volunteers will receive:

  • – a uniform
  • – lunch
  • – transportation to your volunteer location will be provided from certain points in London and Surrey
  • – training and safety briefings
  • – in addition CTC will receive a small donation


Click here to volunteer at Prudential RideLondon

For more information please contact Mark Slater at CTC HQ.

Rocco’s Rocket, the Bluebell Ride revisited

Posted on Monday 17 June 2013 by Martin Hayman

Rocco’s Rocket is a tribute to the late Rocco Richardson, who died last year.

I knew of Rocco as a hero of West London cycling long before rejoining CTC about 5 years ago, so it was a pleasure and delight to come under his tutelage on my very first outing with Central London CTC. He took a group of us to Hillingdon circuit to instruct us in group riding. (Nick Bloom arranged this session and wrote it up here.)

On that occasion, I had made my own way to Hillingdon and, on my arrival, was greeted by Ken Peters – my first contact with a member of the CLCTC. Later I made contact with Nick and others of the group who have become firm friends since.

As a proper club rider and former racer, Rocco more »

June Dutch Weekend

Posted on Saturday 15 June 2013 by Sabina Carchesio

Having been cycling with the group almost four years, I thought I should contribute at least once to the blog.  Here’s my story of the weekend just past.
Nine of us made it to Liverpool Station at one of the most busiest times of the week to catch the train to Harwich. It was a harrowing ride just to get there as I chose to ride from home at what I thought was a calm part of the workday. Reminds me why I don’t like riding to work during the week.
Some of us made it in time to grab some grub before the journey which in the main was pretty uneventful. Roy and Lisa saved a place for us in the queue and we all stood shivering from the wind which was howling through the check-in gates. We were so glad to get on the ferry and warm up. I just love this trip because 1) Tom makes it so easy 2) the cabins on the board are so bijoux and 3) Holland is total utopia for cyclists. What more could you ask for?

Helene, Sarah and Sabina

more »

The “Get Britain Cycling” e-petition

Posted on Wednesday 12 June 2013 by Thomas James

I should like to draw members’ and other readers’ attention to the petition on this link.

The petition is currently around 2/3 of the way towards its target of 100,000 signatures which, if reached, would trigger a parliamentary debate on cycling provision in this country.  It  is being promoted by all the UK’s cycling groups including CTC.

The petition asks the government  to implement the recommendations of the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group’s report which explains how mass cycling…”…can tackle Britain’s obesity crisis, save millions from NHS budgets, boost the economy, and reduce congestion on our roads and trains“.

more »

Return to Mill Green

Posted on Wednesday 12 June 2013 by Charles Harvey

Mill Green is a ride destination that I often return to. It’s a small local museum housed in a working watermill that runs at the weekends. And on Sundays in the summer they serve cream teas!

Nine of us met at St Albans station and two more, having missed their train joined us later. We rode via Sandridgebury, Sandridge and Nomansland Common to Wheathampstead. We were too early for lunch so did a little loop up to Ayot St Lawrence, for many years the home of playwright and CTC member George Bernard Shaw. more »

Northern Scotland Tour

Posted on Wednesday 12 June 2013 by John Aizlewood

Text by John Aizlewood, Photos by John Aizlewood & David Kurtz

Richard and Graham had cycled from Lands End on their way to John O’Groats, whilst Paul and Clifford joined them at Fort William. Others had caught various trains north and we all met in Inverness with David, Sarah, Christine, and Nina, who had just arrived on the overnight sleeper. It turned out to be an eventful first day.

The Pantry Cafe, Crommarty

The Pantry Cafe, Cromarty

The first problem was crossing the Kessock Bridge, which was half closed for maintenance, including the cycle track. We held up traffic on the A9 thanks to a patient driver behind us, and in general encountered courtesy from other road users throughout the highlands. Once on quiet lanes across the Black Isle we enjoyed a relaxed lunch at Cromarty before the 15:00 ferry. Unfortunately we found the ferry under repair and not running on the first day of the season, a story which featured in the local press later in the week.

We were faced with a detour back to the A9 Cromarty bridge and around the estuary, adding an extra 40km to the day. At this point Jim punctured and wasn’t noticed; then leaving behind his pump in an attempt to catch up, he passed us whilst we were having tea. Finally Richard’s left pedal fell apart, but we all limped into Tain rather late and tired at 19.30. (97km) The day was rescued by a good meal. more »

The Hogs Back

Posted on Tuesday 11 June 2013 by Charles Harvey

It was an enjoyable ride but one that nearly ended in tragedy. The good weather brought out six riders who decided that that they would rather get straight on with the ride than have the planned start with coffee and breakfast. Getting out of Guildford we got mixed up with a large charity walk that I hadn’t been aware of but we got clear onto the Christmaspie Route that runs to the north of the Hog’s Back towards Farnham. It’s a route that is largely either off road or on quiet roads through some attractive countryside.

We were due to have a refreshment break at the White Hart at Tongham. As we turned right on mini roundabout a white van came down the hill at high speed from the direction of the Hog’s Back clearly not intending to stop. There was a screech of brakes, it cut through the line of riders and just missed Ash. Shaken, we took down all the details we could. We managed to get part of the van’s number and took photos of the skid marks on the road. I have since had a statement from one of the other riders and have made a formal report to the Surrey Police. more »

Bob’s three star via Train Robbers Bridge, 26th May

Posted on Sunday 9 June 2013 by Bob Davis

A sunny day dawned (about time!), if colder than for a usual late May – but then it hasn’t been “usual” this year. Roger and Kay met the leader at Euston, along with three relative newbies; Helen, Matt and Stephen. On arrival at Tring station I got Stephen to leave his two heavy duty locks outside the ticket office, and worried a little about his soft soled walking shoes carrying him swiftly enough on an expedition tourer for a three star, but there was no need to worry.

Train Robbers Bridge

Train Robbers Bridge

After a nip up Toms Hill and then down to Ivinghoe Beacon, the first part of the day was on the flat of the Aylesbury plain. I had decided to visit Bridego bridge near Ledburn  (now signed as  “Train Robbers Bridge” ) as it has been 50 years since the Great Train Robbery, and also a couple of months since the death of its main organiser Bruce Reynolds. more »

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