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Summertime Reversed (one more time)

Posted on Monday 28 October 2013 by Jon McColl

Stevenage CC’s Emitremmus Desrever Audax was, as usual, a very enjoyable ride. Whilst the roads were wet and muddy in places, we experienced no rain and mild temperatures. Keith, Mike, Ruth and I rode around in a group and had a fast, wind-assisted outward leg more »

Roy’s Weekend in Kent – a tale of Special Powers

Posted on Thursday 10 October 2013 by Roy Watson

Sarah D was last to arrive, almost 23.00 on Friday. We all waited up, bit worried really, but she was glowing and raving about cycling from the station in the dark except when an occasional car appeared and she switched lights on. Earlier Sally D with her experience of long distance journeys had produced a device to get her, Lisa and Jamie from the station when my description of “the obvious road” didn’t do it for her in the dark. She called it Garmin, I think. Even before that, us normal mortals, Paul, Sally-Anne, Graham, me, led by Michael, had ridden a lovely half-day route using terrestrial mapping.

Beach huts at Whitstable

Beach huts at Whitstable

But there was more on Saturday night when some of us walked across the fields, after a brief fight with some extra terrestrial nettles, to the abode of “hotchefpaul” who had special and delicious cycle-food for us at The George in Newnham. En route Robert displayed similar powers and found a kissing gate by starlight; and later on return  he produced a device which, when pointed at the stars gave you their name and constellation – he passed it off as an app. more »

The Falling Leaves: North, South, West and East of Eden

Posted on Monday 7 October 2013 by Martin Hayman

Dulwich Paragon’s Ride of the Falling Leaves sportive has become a firm fixture in Central London CTC’s calendar. It’s the last opportunity of the season to bust a gut, if you are so minded; the Stevenage’s Summertime Reversed Audax is an amble by comparison.

So it was that no fewer than 11 Central London members signed up and on a sparkling morning assembled at Herne Hill Velodrome. All riders pass over the timing chip on to the track for a lap (or several if you like), assuring a unique départ for this rather wonderful event. Its character, as noted on previous editions (2012, 2011, 2010), is more that of a mega-clubrun than of a commercial sportive, with groups riding efficiently together.

And that is indeed how we started more »

Chiltern Joy

Posted on Monday 7 October 2013 by Brian O'Reilly

Ten of us gathered in the morning outside Chorleywood station in anticipation of the exciting day ahead cycling when Ash had a serious mechanical problem and decided not to risk coming on the ride – then there were nine!

We ‘confronted’ the first major hill just outside the station and the climb took us up to The Chenies and then ‘dropped’ down to Chess valley and into Latimer, the first really long steep climb led us up past the golf course to Ley Hill from where it was undulating till a short climb led us up to the windmill at Hawridge Common, then to Cholesbury and St. Leonards where we headed towards a stunning descent past The Hale and into Wendover.

Climb every hill

Climb every hill

more »

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