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Posted on Tuesday 19 November 2013 by John Silvertown

A nice day for a nice ride after the storm.

Ute and her two boys, Dante, Tom, Pat and myself were joined by Gillian for Lunch. We visited several Parks and open spaces. Starting with Alexandra Palace we made our way along the disused railway line towards East Finchley where we visited Long Lane Pastures nature reserve and the arboretum at Avenue House. more »

Little Green Riders go for Death or Glory in Old Knebworth

Posted on Monday 18 November 2013 by Sue Dorey

Led by Simon, nine of us set off from Knebworth station on today’s one star ride. Drawn by the range of real ales on offer at the Lytton Arms, (nine, no less), Simon took us just three kilometres down the road, (though to be fair, he did put in a 15km loop to get there). Stephen met us for lunch, having cycled out from London. His ride was four times longer than ours, and he still got to the pub an hour before us.

Simon and Stephen were determined to sample the Death or Glory, but wisely limited themselves to half a pint each, as it is 7.2% alcohol by volume. However, not all displayed such wisdom, as you can see by this photo:

It's all too much for him ...

It’s all too much for him …

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