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The Little Green Ride Goes to Mars

Posted on Tuesday 17 December 2013 by Sue Dorey

I learned last week that Stevenage is the heart of the British aerospace industry. A quarter of all the world’s satellites are produced there. So given the Little Green Ride’s  long association with the town, I thought us the obvious candidates for the next mission to Mars. Inexplicably, NASA rejected us,  claiming  they could do better for space crew than a bunch of middle aged cyclists and a stuffed bear.  So we had to make do with the only alternative I could find on Sunday’s one star ride:


Bear and Mars
We didn’t make it to outer space , our bikes wouldn’t take off (pedal power is no substitute for rocket fuel). So we went to the Horns at Bulls Green instead, and had a pleasant lunch and an early return to London , as the weather didn’t look promising.  Less than 25km in total, we’ve got a way to go before we reach the Red Planet. Perhaps we’ll leave it to the 4 stars.

The 2* riders can party too …

Posted on Monday 16 December 2013 by Christine Johnson

Well 3* riders, it’s not all about you! We 2* folk may not be able to pedal as quickly but we can keep  up to speed on the party front!

The festive season should never pass unmarked by a social gathering and so Christmas Tea was the order of the day for the 2* party animals. Last year, the somewhat less organized event, was simply “Christmas Tea ” following a Sunday ride.  But no, not this year … in order to work on a never ending task to improve social skills, the art of general conversation and dress sense, the event took place  on  Saturday. The dress code stipulated no lycra and I am pleased to confirm that all participants complied.

Christmas Tree

Seasonal decorations

Afternoon tea was of course used in the widest sense … more »

The Joy of Christmas, the Gift of Mudflaps

Posted on Friday 13 December 2013 by Martin Hayman

Sometimes people ask me, do you socialise at all with the members of your club, outside of cycling? To which the disingenuous answer is, ‘Good grief no, they are far too weird for that. And besides, whatever would we talk about in proper company?’

But when at the post-ride coffee on Sunday, our ingénue Helene wondered why we did not have a Christmas drinks get-together planned, we looked at each other and said ‘Always a first time—let’s give it a go!’ The RV was set at more »

Shock! 3-star riders are party people!

Posted on Monday 2 December 2013 by Ken Peters

What is there to say about CLCTC folk who go on the 3- and 4-star rides?

Outside of the sometimes secret sect, I have heard it whispered that cliques and unfriendliness exist, nay, are rife! Sunday’s event, however, should dispel those rumours.

It all began when Keith chose to offer a short ride to Richmond Park for a few laps of the 10-km perimeter road [11 actually — Ed.] which is very popular with the Sunday Lycra-clad road warriors, MAMILS, and other such tribes.

“Hey,” I said to Angela when the ride list arrived more »

Central London to Richmond Park (and back another way)

Posted on Monday 2 December 2013 by Martin Hayman

Keith led the day’s entertainment, assembling at a cafe-resto somewhere in fashionable east London. An already good-sized squad added George and me at Chester Road, Regent’s Park.

The play was a little different than most Sundays: Act 1, ride to Richmond Park; Act 2, circuits of the Park; Act 3, lunch with Angela and Ken in Acton.

Round the Outer Circle to get a gander at the giraffes, past Marylebone Station (no train for us today, hurrah!), across Euston and Edgware Roads, striking down Sussex Place: smooth progress with 11 minding the gap and keeping it tight.

Ah-ha! Keith knows more »

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