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Floods in Herts

Posted on Monday 3 February 2014 by Bob Davis

Your leader has been a bit out of action since late September 2013, and this was one of my first rides (apart from Regents and Richmond Parks) since then.

I think we are settling into the new meeting place for those who prefer going up Finchley Road rather than getting over to the Barracuda: the top of Barnet Hill for the final out of London to Hertford meet up. There’s a bog standard café just opposite Barnet Church for use while waiting and we all meet up round the corner (do make sure it is well round the corner – a cyclist was killed at the bend in the road just after the church, so best to be out of the traffic a little further up). With me we had a grand total of 14: Damian, Keith and Naomi, Jon, Martin H, Paul Foster, Jim Higson, Helene, newbie Denisa, Mariel, Nick Bloom, Michael Sheerin, and Kristina.

The theme was a “new way out” – which it was for most – Brookmans Park to North Mymms and then Welham Green, which allows you to go past Hatfield House on a route to the west of the main Essendon road until Essendon.

After which we hit the first flood on the Essendon-Hertford road here – as you know “Road Closed” can mean “Cyclists Welcome”!


Photo by Michael

Photo by Mariel

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