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Phoenix Trail

Posted on Thursday 29 May 2014 by Charles Harvey

This ride was listed on the Central London CTC rides list and website and led by a CTC member but, in fact, it wasn’t an official CTC ride. It was run by the Rough Stuff Fellowship, the oldest off road cycling club in the UK. It was founded in 1955, long before the advent of mountain bikes, “for cyclists who enjoy byways and tracks”. I suggested that the ride be opened to CLCTC members and got the response the more the merrier.

I thought the fine weather might bring out greater numbers but we had seven on the ride. We were happy to welcome Melanie as well as five RSF regulars. more »

The Shipwright’s Way

Posted on Wednesday 21 May 2014 by Anna Bagi

Get up at seven to make the early train, one and half hours train journey, return from Portsmouth (???), more expensive ticket. Weather forecast wind and rain. Bet no-one turns up. Any one of the above is a good enough excuse not to go.  On the other hand if David made the effort to leave the security and efficiency of the ** rides in order to perform his charity deed of leading a * ride with its unpredictability and expected nuisances , then I could make an effort to give it a go and it did sound interesting.

Right decision.

Only one other brave soul, Pat was at Waterloo. Train journey went quickly. On arrival David presented us with route map and description.  more »

There is such a thing as Society

Posted on Tuesday 20 May 2014 by Ken Peters

An interesting day has been planned starting from La Péché Mignon, a lovely café/delicatessen just of Holloway Road, cycling into the depths of southeast Essex to Cold Norton a village with a pub that’s been rescued by concerned locals and is now a community run local enterprise.

It’s an early start because of the ride out and I know to expect a good turnout because there is no 4-star ride listed and the weather is set fair.  Angela and I arrive early from Acton, having left loads of time to ride across London, and find we are not the first there as Ruth has beaten us to the meeting point.  Coffees are ordered and consumed and all the while more and more turn up until we are above 20 in number.  A quick briefing and an agreement with Kay, Jon, Mike and Roger to wait for Helene who is expected to arrive later, and we’re off.

more »

London’s Big Ride 2014

Posted on Tuesday 13 May 2014 by Thomas James

I should like to remind you of a short but important ride taking place this Saturday: the London Cycle Campaign’s Big Ride 2014.

The event starts in Park Lane, with crowds gathering from 11am for a midday start, and from 1pm there’ll be a rally on the Embankment with guest speakers, with the event ending at 2pm. The ride will pass through Hyde Park Corner, Parliament Square, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square in a motor-traffic-free environment that’s suitable for all ages.

The aim of the ride is to send a message to local election candidates (as well as Mayor Boris Johnson and the media) on the weekend before the local elections, telling them that Londoners want streets that are safe and inviting for everyone to cycle.

In 2012, LCC organised a similar, hugely successful Big Ride the weekend before the mayoral election, which played a key role in persuading Boris Johnson to massively increase his commitment to cycling.

I would encourage you to put aside a few hours on Saturday to join the ride and send a clear message to our future councillors on the importance of cycling to the quality of life in of our boroughs.

You can find more details on http://lcc.org.uk/pages/big-ride-2014/

Lilley Flower Festival

Posted on Thursday 8 May 2014 by Charles Harvey

The good weather brought people out and 12 people met me at Welwyn Garden City for the ride. After the usual complex operation of getting bikes out of the station, we set off through Sherrardspark Wood to exit the town, going through Ayot Green, Ayot St Peter and on to Whitwell, where we had our coffee stop at Emily’s Café, much favoured by local cycling clubs. I can recommend their bread pudding. Then it was on to Lilley for lunch at the Lilley Arms, another well known cyclists’ rendezvous which we are using for our “all star” ride.

The reason we had gone to Lilley on that day was to see the Flower Festival which takes place every year in the church during the early May bank holiday. This year the theme was the City Livery Companies. To my surprise, a lot of the riders had no interest in flowers and skipped the festival display which I’d found impressive.

We headed back via Great Offley. People were not checking behind when we turned so we briefly lost the tail of the ride but regrouped and came back to Whitwell together to revisit Emily’s and buy watercress at the watercress farm. Then it was back the Welwyn Garden City which we got back to at about 17.45. The area between Welwyn GC and Lilley is attractive, the sun had shone and there were lots of cyclists about. I think people enjoyed themselves.

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