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The Suburban Breakout – or Why I sat in the Cafe for 10 hours

Posted on Monday 21 July 2014 by Nick Bloom

At 08.00 at Cafe Barracuda, the annual ritual of the Central London audax begins. Robert and Kristina, the pathfinders, are fuelling up to ride round the route in time to help at the finish. Christine – on new but definitely not shiny bike – and Richard are setting out to run the control at Ardeley. Next Ken, complete with retired guide dog, who will be the official starter (Ken that is, not the dog, who should have been sent with some of the riders).

The first riders turn up, before we’re operational. But they’re easily sorted and relax with a coffee. By 08.30 the well oiled Team Barracuda (Tris, Mark, Sean & Brendan) – is in position dealing with entries. Bob patrols and controls the paths so the gathering groups don’t block the locals. The only complaint was from a cyclist riding, with child behind, at full pelt along the pavement. The cafe staff, a little bemused by the whole affair, race to & fro with coffee and snacks.

The start at the Barracuda

The start at the Barracuda

There’s now a crowd of over 100. more »

Sturm und Drang in Suffolk

Posted on Sunday 13 July 2014 by Martin Hayman

Many words have been spilt fruitlessly over the Dunwich Dynamo night ride: lame epithets like awesome, epic, or even iconic.

In previous accounts here and here of Central London CTC participations, we have steered clear of such rebarbative clich├ęs. But for once, this time, most were applicable.

Jon McColl, as ever, planned this year’s effort, billing it an attempt to break the ‘club record’ set last year. In short, our aim was to get from the start at London Fields, Hackney to Dunwich, some 190(-ish) km distant on the Suffolk coast, in under 8 hours.

The beach at the world’s end! Pic by Fadil Mokhchane

Now in in reasonable conditions, and barring mechanicals, that is a perfectly feasible target more »

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