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Not the Hilly Chilterns 4 star

Posted on Monday 15 September 2014 by Bob Davis

The previous week I hadn’t been well – but not ill enough to decide to cancel my ride. So I took the chance that I would be recovered by Sunday morning – except I still felt pretty ropey by the time I arrived at Marylebone. There seemed to be only Max there, so I was about to call it off when Ruth rolled in wanting “a nice brisk ride”, shortly followed by Julia.

So we went off to Princes Risborough more »

TfL’s new proposals – a major step forward for cycling in Central London

Posted on Saturday 13 September 2014 by Thomas James

TfL has recently published plans for a “Crossrail for Bikes”, new cycling superhighways for the centre of London. There are two proposals – a North-South route from King’s Cross to Elephant and Castle and an East-West route from Tower Hill to Paddington.
If implemented as planned (by March 2016) this would be a giant step forward for cycling in Central London, as the routes are on main thoroughfares and of unusually high quality, almost completely segregated from both pedestrians and motor vehicles. In what is still a controversial move in Britain, the proposals will reduce the width of roads used by motor vehicles and replace it by separate cycle lanes, with the consequent improvements in public health, road safety and air quality for Londoners.
There is, however, opposition from groups whose see motor vehicle traffic flow as paramount, such as London First. I would urge you to ensure that TfL realises that these proposals do have public support and ensure that they are not watered down or delayed. The London Cycle Campaign has produced a tool to enable a quick response or you can respond directly on TfL’s website. The closing date is 19 October.

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