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Posted on Friday 29 May 2015 by Jubin Chheda

Start always at Ba.ra.cu.da,

Morning Sunday at 9 o’cloc.ka

Up Highgate hill, dead like killer,

Capuccino, jugo, aqua

And then your off, hilta-skilta

Honky-tonk pom, whiz by car.ra

Push dem pe.dals, out.a towna

‘ills ‘n ponies, green fields there are

Cricket is on, all white smarta

No time we got, stopping na na!


There go that pub, ‘nother pub da

Tummy ask where, is lunch stop sir?

Wrap pickle nice, water n ice

Off you again, till Barnet ya!

Up and down, Up and down, up up

down down, Baracuda ha ha ha ha ha!


London look plays well in Mallorca

Posted on Friday 15 May 2015 by Martin Hayman

A contingent of Central London CTC members, orchestrated by Phil Coleman, had a week at play in Mallorca.

We were based at the Legro ‘training camp’ in Puerto Pollensa in the north-east of the island. It offers a week-long, graded programme of rides that exploit to the full the highways and byways of this beautiful and spectacular locale.

Phil is an old hand here—this was his fifth visit—so he was also able to lead rides for the Central London CTC contingent on our own account. This was useful because none of us was able to fully synchronize with the Legro program. So there were at least two Central London CTC clubruns.

But the aim here is not to tell you about that, so much as to show off the new kit in action. Our colours were quite distinctive among the many different clubs from all over Europe, with many complimenting us. One of the Legro staff was kind enough to say we had “put Central London CTC on the map in Mallorca”. Here’s a selection of our pictures.

Lilley Flower Festival

Posted on Thursday 7 May 2015 by Charles Harvey

Every early May Bank Holiday weekend there is a flower festival in the parish church at Lilley. I have led successful rides to it from Welwyn Garden City in the past. This time more »

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