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Blue Thursdays Oyster Card Cult

Posted on Saturday 27 June 2015 by Nick Bloom

DSC00376Inevitably and inexorably there is an element of Central London CTC who find themselves somewhat less employed, with a freedom to roam (at least after 9.30 on weekdays). We can now follow a new cult, a new leader. On alternate Thursdays Felix will beckon us to Shenfield or Broxbourne, thence out on the lanes of Herts and Essex.
The inaugural event saw six of us, regulars from past times. Felix, in Mk 1 club jersey, brandished an out of date OS map (an early navigation device with integral power supply). One singlespeed, one fixed, one six speed block. Just one helmet. No-one was training. A traditional CTC ride. As stated, brisk 2* pace / easy 3* pace should others be tempted, as we hope they are.
Coffee at Megarrys in Blackmore, lunch at the Pig & Whistle in Chignal Smealy, up to High Easter, through quiet lanes and basking fields. As ever, the school run brought the only impolite drivers of the day. Back to London ahead of the evening rush.

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