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The Magic of Essex – 1* ride on 12 July

Posted on Saturday 18 July 2015 by Anna Bagi

Seven of us gathered in Chelmsford for the ride, Pat, Michael on a recumbent, John Osborne, Bernard and two newcomers: Janna and Adrian. We started by having a look at the cathedral and with a quick coffee on the high street. Then out we went, following a cycle route out of Chelmsford, including a narrow bridge, where Michael had to carry his recumbent. After an unusual length of roads with loose chippings and a long climb to Danbury common, it was mostly downhill until Purleigh Hill, where there’s a short, steep climb, which is worth it for the view down to the basin.

Lunch was at the Hythe at Maldon by the riverside, where some people choose pub lunch, while others had a picnic. We had a quick look at the bridge leading to Heybridge, followed by a serious climb back up to the High street, lines with historic buildings. We turned off on London Road and took country lanes with lanes like “Cut a thwart lane”, which led to an unresolved discussion about its origin and meaning. I still think it was meant to be “Cut a throat” and got misspelled. more »

Dunwich Dynamo 2015, that’s a wrap

Posted on Thursday 16 July 2015 by Martin Hayman

Two key factors dominate the clued-up rider’s approach to the Dunwich Dynamo: the weather forecast and the return trip.

The happy-go-lucky spirit that formerly characterized this summer-night jaunt—“just turn up and ride!”—has been tempered by experience. The apocalyptic conditions that ruled last year’s edition were especially instructive.

This year, the challenge was the return trip. The number of riders turning up at Ipswich station to take an early-morning fast train back to town has grown very large; this year train operator Abellio acted to forestall the chaotic scenes seen there as hundreds of cyclists attempted to board. This meant rationing tickets to the number it could realistically carry—a lot fewer than those who would be wanting them. more »

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