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UCI World Cycling Tour Final: a view from (close to) the back of the bunch

Posted on Wednesday 23 September 2015 by Jon McColl



Your correspondent (third from left) “sprints” for 102nd place

Crossing the line after 5h 17m 11s and 165km of hard racing, which included an official 1300m of climbing, a feeling of mild relief washed over me. I had achieved the rather minimal goal that I had set myself, of at least finishing. Later back in the hotel — while enjoying a couple of richly deserved, post-race hopped beverages — I discovered I hadn’t totally embarrassed myself either: I was 102 out of an international field of 133; and 21 out of 45 British riders. I had come within 52m 27s of having the right to wear the official UCI rainbow jersey of male road race champion in the 55-59 year-old age group.

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Mark’s stolen bike

Posted on Friday 18 September 2015 by Richard Philpott

CLCTC member Mark Knox was burgled in August and his beautiful red Vic Lyons touring bike, which he had had for nearly 30 years, was stolen.

Mark's Vic Lyons bike - stolen in August

Mark’s Vic Lyons bike – stolen in August

It has a 21.5″ frame with gold-lined lugs and heart cut-outs, frame number 2885 on underside of the bottom bracket.

If you should spot it on the street or for sale online or in a shop or market, please contact Mark (07765 945530 or mpknox@care4free.net).


The Phoenix Trail

Posted on Thursday 10 September 2015 by Charles Harvey

Usually I go to the Towersey Festival on the August Bank Holiday weekend. And when I’m there I usually lead a ride in the area on the Sunday. This year the ride started at Haddenham & Thame Parkway station. Four riders arrived on the train from London. The direct route into Thame from there is on a busy main road so we took an indirect route via Towersey village and the Phoenix Trail to Thame. The Phoenix Trail is a former railway line that closed in the 1960s and is now a Sustrans route. One of our number remembers travelling on it when it was a railway.

After coffee in Thame, we rode through Moreton to lunch at the Old Red Lion in Tetsworth. This is a quiet route that starts as a metalled road but then become a bridlepath along a stony farm track. As with the previous week’s 1* ride, we were hit by rain at lunchtime and truncated the ride, cutting out a section of the planned route by going along the A40 to Postcombe. Going up a rise we came across an overturned car. I offered my help as I am a member of St John Ambulance and was carrying a first aid kit but surprisingly nobody was injured. We puzzled as to how the driver had managed to overturn the car. It was still raining as we rode via Sydenham to Towersey for the tea stop at Lashlake Nurseries. Then it was a 8km run, still in the rain, along the Phoenix Trail to Princes Risborough station. By luck a train to London was approaching as we arrived.


Flamstead Scarecrow Festival

Posted on Thursday 10 September 2015 by Charles Harvey

This ride must hold the record for being the shortest one star ride of the year, only 22km long. The reasons were the weather and our destination, the village of Flamstead. Every August, usually on the third weekend, this normally quiet village turns into a surreal environment. The whole village is full of scarecrows. Scarecrows sitting in front gardens, climbing up ladders, looking out of windows, sitting in cars, all over the place in fact. There are hog roasts, barbeques, live bands, morris dancing – the whole village is en fete. The reason for all this is the annual Scarecrow Festival held in support of Multiple Sclerosis charities.

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