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Topless in Herts on David’s Wiggle

Posted on Wednesday 4 November 2015 by Sue Dorey

Sarah K chose a great day for her 2 star ride from Harpenden. The 1st of November saw the highest  November temperature ever recorded in the UK (22.4C in mid Wales),  and north Hertfordshire got a good share of the sunshine (although in London we had to get out our foghorns on the way to St Pancras for the train). The stripping off started soon into the ride, with Tibor taking it furthest, getting down to just his cycling shorts. Unfortunately nobody had their camera phone ready to capture the moment, but think Aidan Turner scything in Poldark.

And it wasn’t just the weather setting records. As l rode up a mile-long hill outside Harpenden, puffing and heaving in bottom gear, I could hear David behind me, delivering a discourse to Ian on licensing regulations, which lasted from the foot of the hill to the top, without pausing for breath. And his gears are a lot higher than mine!

More records were set at lunchtime. more »

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