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Kumi Tashiro

Posted on Monday 21 November 2016 by Richard Philpott

Some of you will have been following Kumi Tashiro’s blog, chronicling her extraordinary journey the length of South America, which she started in February this year.

Last week we received the terrible news that she had an accident while cycling in Tierra del Fuego on 13th November and passed away shortly afterwards. She was just two weeks away from reaching the end of her journey and returning to the UK.

Sue Dorey has been helping Kumi throughout the trip by proof-reading her blog entries for her. Her final entries, up to 7th November, were not posted to her blog before her accident, so we are posting them here.

We will be commemorating Kumi’s amazing life and achievements with a memorial ride in the New Year and other events which we will announce once we have organised the details.

Kumi Tashiro

Kumi Tashiro


Day 252-273 — 17th October – 7th November

17th October

I wanted to see “Capillas de Marmol”, the tourist attraction at Puerto  Rio Tranquil, in the morning. However, as there was only one other customer, apart from myself, and a minimum of five were needed for the boat, the tour company staff told me to return at 2pm, which I did. I then had to wait another hour, but eventually we had a group of eight, so I managed to see it. Unfortunately the weather was cloudy, if it had been sunny, as it had been in the morning, we could have seen the marble reflected in the water, it would have been a beautiful sight. However, although I didn’t have that pleasure, at least I saw some stunning caves.

18th October

I left Puerto Rio Tranquil, heading for Puerto Bertrand, 72km away. It was a gorgeous hot day, with strong sunshine. The views were beautiful, and the water a cooler, greenish-blue colour. I stopped many times to take photos. Also, I frequently had to walk, as the mixture of sand and brown earth made the gravel road  very slippery. It was up and down, with many hills. Whenever cars passed, I was covered in dirt. Again, I was very tired , I started wondering , where is Puerto Bertrand? The road went through a very quiet forest, it seemed unlikely there was a town, but just as I was about to go down another hill, I saw a sign for Puerto Bertrand. Yes! I reached the town at 6.30pm. more »

Epping Forest in Autumn

Posted on Tuesday 15 November 2016 by Charles Harvey

Considering its proximity to London, I was surprised to find that there hadn’t been a CLCTC ride in Epping Forest for over two years. The main roads through it are very busy though this doesn’t seem to put off the many road riders you see on them. But for me the appeal is the off-road routes on the forest paths.

Five riders met up at Chingford Station on a sunny but cold morning. We started with a visit to The View, the City of London’s visitor centre to learn about the history, flora and fauna of the forest. We also looked at Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge which is next door. We then headed along the forest paths to High Beech. A map reading error lead to an unplanned visit to look at the blue plaque to the poet John Clare who was in an asylum on the edge of the forest.

The planned coffee stop at High Beech was not a success as it involved queueing in the cold for some time while the kiosk tried to cope with another larger cycling group who had got there before us. We were glad to warm up again riding to the lunch stop at The Forest Gate, a pub at Bell Common at the north end of the forest. We arrived there at 12.30 just before it got very crowded. We were well looked after there and I’ll use it again on another ride.

Given the queues in the morning at High Beech, we decided not to stop there in the afternoon and rode on to Butlers Retreat for tea. As it is only 5 minutes’ ride from Chingford Station, two of our number headed straight for the station while the rest of us stopped for hot drinks. By the time we were finished it was beginning to rain so we cycled quickly to the station.

This is the first time I’ve led a ride in Epping Forest. If I was doing it again I use the same route but leave the visit to the visitor centre and the hunting lodge to the end of the ride so we can get to pub for lunch early before it gets busy. I’d probably do it in December or January when the days are shortest as the ride finished in mid-afternoon.

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