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Kumi Tashiro Memorial Rides

Posted on Monday 9 January 2017 by Richard Philpott

This week, on Sunday 15th January, we will be running special 1* and 2* rides, with a joint lunch, to remember Kumi Tashiro, who sadly died in November 2016 in Tierra del Fuego, just two weeks away from the end on a ten-month-long ride along the whole length of South America.




Kumi with Coralie and Clement in the south of Chile.


Kumi just before setting off on her trip in early 2016

Kumi just before setting off on her trip in early 2016


Kumi in Chile

Kumi in Chile


Wrld map

A map of some of Kumi’s travels, put together by her friends  (thanks to Rod Dalmaine for the photo).


At a gathering to remember Kumi at her flat.

At a gathering to remember Kumi at her flat.


Here are a few of the tributes to Kumi we have received since her death:

“Kumi was a longstanding and popular member of the club for many years. Her taste and spirit of adventure were second to none. Rest in peace Kumi, I will really miss your unassuming character mixed with such a sense of adventure, and bravery in cycling round places most of us would never dare to go”
(Lisa Percival, secretary of Central London CTC)

“Cycling hero. Kumi was such a strong lady, and much braver than I could ever be”
(Kelvin Dane)

“Kumi was one of those rare people who just seem to be completely nice and completely positive. She was also, for all her small stature and quiet manner, fabulously impressive in what she did. I was in awe of her bravery ”
(Mark Knox)

“We met Kumi at the end of October in the south of Chile, and spent ten days with her. We built a strong friendship very fast, as we were cycling in a very difficult area (unpaved roads, forests, strong winds). We were shocked by Kumi’s death, she was a wonderful woman, we are so sad. She was so kind , our hearts  are full of sadness to think she was alone in her last moments”
(Coralie(Coco) and Clement, a French couple who met Kumi during her South America trip)

“Kumi was an inspiring woman, tiny yet determined…she persevered through all kinds of difficulties and challenges. I am honoured  to have  met her and shared the journey with her. My life is enriched through knowing her, even for a short time. Travel well, my friend, in the hearts of those who knew you”
Sandra and Tim, an Australian couple who joined Coco, Clement and Kumi for  few days on the trip)

“Kumi was the only one in the group who really could understand me and all the travelling I have done in my life. She was made out of the same material I was made of”
(Mickey, a Dutch woman who, like Kumi, had cycled  all over the globe. She led the group Kumi rode with in Alaska and Canada in 2015)

“Kumi rates as possibly the most determined person I have ever known, and certainly one of the nicest, with great concern for others and not a trace of the egoism one often sees in high achievers.  I well remember her persevering with an almost-doomed Easter ride to the Scottish border, when the mileage target knocked most of us out of the running, including me. Only later did I learn that she had done the whole route almost solo and without a hint of protest. I will always remember her.”
(Pat Wheeler)

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