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Summertime Reversed (one more time)

Posted on Monday 28 October 2013 by Jon McColl

Stevenage CC’s Emitremmus Desrever Audax was, as usual, a very enjoyable ride. Whilst the roads were wet and muddy in places, we experienced no rain and mild temperatures. Keith, Mike, Ruth and I rode around in a group and had a fast, wind-assisted outward leg more »

The Organiser’s Story

Posted on Monday 8 July 2013 by Nick Bloom

After  a four year gap I was persuaded by some local cyclists into reviving the Central London audax event. The basics were easy – same approved route, same controls, nice new café for the start and finish. My locals offered to man the sign-on, whilst Christine agreed to brandish the stamp at Cottered, helped by Richard.  Audax UK is beginning to modernise, and they’ve introduced an on-line entry system – no more sending SAE’s to the organiser. All set.

At the start

At the start

Then it rained. It was cold, It was miserable. more »

Rocco’s Rocket, the Bluebell Ride revisited

Posted on Monday 17 June 2013 by Martin Hayman

Rocco’s Rocket is a tribute to the late Rocco Richardson, who died last year.

I knew of Rocco as a hero of West London cycling long before rejoining CTC about 5 years ago, so it was a pleasure and delight to come under his tutelage on my very first outing with Central London CTC. He took a group of us to Hillingdon circuit to instruct us in group riding. (Nick Bloom arranged this session and wrote it up here.)

On that occasion, I had made my own way to Hillingdon and, on my arrival, was greeted by Ken Peters – my first contact with a member of the CLCTC. Later I made contact with Nick and others of the group who have become firm friends since.

As a proper club rider and former racer, Rocco more »

Into the storm

Posted on Wednesday 2 May 2012 by Thomas James

A few of us had joined the Wessex CTC’s autumn audax last year but had found ourselves cycling through a downpour. Four of us (I, Christine, Sabina, Sarah W) thought it might be good to see the area in better weather, so enrolled for the New Forest 100km Day Out ride on 29 April.

We rode part of the way down on Saturday through some light showers. We started at Winchester (tea stop) then rode over the hills to Romsey (tea stop) then into the New Forest with a break at Lyndhurst (tea stop, you get the picture) then a final stage to Lymington and, this time, dinner at a local fish restaurant we knew from the last visit.

We knew the weather forecast was not good for Sunday but we were not starting until 10.00 and the rain was due to clear before lunch. Others were more cautious: only one third of the registered riders had showed up.

We set off through the pouring rain. Three of us were breaking audax tradition lacking mudguards but it didn’t matter as all were soon wet though, anyway as a mixture of pouring rain, huge puddles and careless drivers ensured a steady supply of water from all directions. By 11.30 there was no sign of the end and we lost Sabina in front as she found a quicker group to follow. The remaining three followed our tea stop instincts as we passed a farm shop near Ringwood with basic café attached, but fortunately I was prevented from staying there “until the rain stops”. It was still raining when we left.

We continued along the Avon valley by the ever-wider river though some very large puddles, Christine leading the way though the water. We stopped again for lunch at the Breamore Tea Barn and then a hillier section cutting though Wiltshire. A puncture (Christine) and faulty brakes (me) necessitated a pause for repairs where a very hospitable local couple lent us space in their garage and an offer of tea (we had to decline as two tea stops an hour would have been too much even for us). It was still raining when we left. more »

Stevenage SoSS: Central London mob-handed!

Posted on Tuesday 27 March 2012 by Martin Hayman

“It doesn’t get any easier—you just go faster.”

Well that’s what I take away from Sunday’s Start of Summertime Audax out of Stevenage.

Great turn-out from Central London CTC, about half of them sporting the colours. Perfect, warm weather in prospect and several on that account showing a leg for the first time this year.

Our group was off at 10.45, others having preceded us out of the starting gate. It comprised the usual suspects (the Regent’s Park squad) plus Phil and Rachel. Our plan was to just check in at the first two controls, riding through to the hospitable third control in Great Hormead.

And that, in fact, is what we did.

Avant le départ (L–R): Rachel, Phil, Keith, Damian, Jon, Stephen, Tom, Charlie and Sarah.

more »

Central London Massive represents at Stevenage Audax

Posted on Tuesday 1 November 2011 by Martin Hayman

Stevenage CTC’s season-closing Audax, Summertime Reversed (Desrever Emitremmus, if you must) has a loyal following, and 19 (we think) of the Central London Massive turned out to represent, a good number of them even wearing the colours.

We were split into two start groups. Ours took off from Costello’s Cafe shortly after 10 in mild, dry, cloudy conditions. With a gentle south-westerly drift assisting us, we soon engaged the narrow lanes towards Aston, where single file is mandatory. Unsurprisingly, the usual suspects stuck together, and the group of Damian, Jon, Mike and I rode the course together.

The 100-km course is so well-known to readers as to require no further recapitulation. The helpful breeze encouraged us, and we were well up to the mark at the first and second controls, so took a leisurely break for coffee at Saffron Walden. There, Andrew was already remounting and wondered what had kept us; as a hardened Audaxer, he eschewed our cafe-racer idleness. more »

Mid Sussex Hilly Audax 15.10.11

Posted on Wednesday 19 October 2011 by Charlie Keep

I was distinctly uncommitted. I had not made a plan to meet anyone, nor booked a train ticket. I had not even set my alarm. If I happened to wake up at 5.30 I’d do the ride, if not I would sleep on as others audaxed away their Saturday. This meant that effectively I had left it in the hands (or more accurately paws) of the cat. 5.10, “miaow, miaow”, Ziggy requests an early breakfast, and before I know what my name is I’m up and off into the dark. As I ride through Old Street clubbers shiver their way home in the autumn chill. I cross London Bridge as a hint of royal blue comes through the blackness off the clear night sky and the gherkin looms over the dozy river. more »

The Ditchling Devil (aka London-Brighton-London)

Posted on Wednesday 3 August 2011 by Andrew Cornwell

There are many versions of the classic London to Brighton run, ranging from the annual mass charity ride to more recent overnight Friday rides. But (as far as I’m aware) until now no organised event has offered the option to ride back to the capital.

Step forward audax organiser Paul Stewart, of the Willesden club, to fill this gap in the market. The ‘Ditchling Devil’, his 203 km (127 mile) event, was staged for the first time on Sunday 24 July. About 65 riders rolled up for the start on Wimbledon Common, a good turnout considering this had been a late addition to the Audax UK calendar.

After a surprisingly speedy run down to the start from north London – enjoying a deserted West End and empty Mall – I was ready to leave for the coast at 07.50, towards the end of the rolling one-hour start period. I set off in a group of six – or to be more precise, a tandem leading out and five wheelsucking solos. more »

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