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The Man Who Wasn’t There

Posted on Thursday 6 April 2017 by Martin Hayman

It was Nick Bloom who introduced me to the delights of the Chilterns and beyond, into Oxfordshire, where some of England’s most picturesque villages are to be discovered.

When I first joined CTC I accompanied Nick and our American friend Rory Rhodes on several traditional and well-honed Audax rides here and elsewhere, and one year, to my surprise, placed mid-table in the AUK Tourist Competition (I did not know I was entered into it by default). In fact the first blog report I posted here was the Muswell Hills 200k event, which I found hard pounding.

Events moved on and in recent seasons I have preferred shorter, faster days out with the 4* gang. But this last winter illness prevented me from riding at all. My first return to a ride of any distance was at Nick’s invitation on the traditional Amersham—Waterperry out-and-back.

Nick, Linus, and I bunked off midweek from Marylebone station and enjoyed a glorious day of spring sunshine, more »

Shortened Chiltern Odyssey

Posted on Tuesday 13 September 2016 by Clifford French

It was largely out of regard for David Kurtz, tasked with organising the Saturday rides programme, that I volunteered to lead a ride in September. As I made the commitment, I was aware that there was always a risk that approaching autumn could bring foul weather.

The weeks leading up to my ride, scheduled for 10 September, gave us days of really fine weather. However, the weather forecasts from Monday 5 September promised more fine weather every day up to and including Friday and every day from Sunday onwards, Saturday bringing heavy rain. Of course, I told myself, the forecast could change. It didn’t.

There were no texts from intending riders, no anxious phone calls: “How hilly would it be?” “What was the pace?” “Would my hybrid be suitable?” Perhaps, with a little luck, no one would turn up. Knowing that rain brings down flints from the hills, I dusted off my Airnimal with its bomb proof tyres in preference to my usual road bike. Although the ride blurb stated “Leader will meet en route” I took the train to Paddington to see if anyone would actually turn up. Arriving at the appointed time, I found three riders, two regulars and one newcomer. After a short discussion we decided that as it was already raining and the forecast was for heavy rain, we would call it off. After all, seismic events that had produced the Chilterns were not forecast: the hills would be there waiting for us on a fine day.

No, that’s not how it happened. more »


Posted on Friday 29 May 2015 by Jubin Chheda

Start always at Ba.ra.cu.da,

Morning Sunday at 9 o’cloc.ka

Up Highgate hill, dead like killer,

Capuccino, jugo, aqua

And then your off, hilta-skilta

Honky-tonk pom, whiz by car.ra

Push dem pe.dals, out.a towna

‘ills ‘n ponies, green fields there are

Cricket is on, all white smarta

No time we got, stopping na na!


There go that pub, ‘nother pub da

Tummy ask where, is lunch stop sir?

Wrap pickle nice, water n ice

Off you again, till Barnet ya!

Up and down, Up and down, up up

down down, Baracuda ha ha ha ha ha!


There is such a thing as Society

Posted on Tuesday 20 May 2014 by Ken Peters

An interesting day has been planned starting from La Péché Mignon, a lovely café/delicatessen just of Holloway Road, cycling into the depths of southeast Essex to Cold Norton a village with a pub that’s been rescued by concerned locals and is now a community run local enterprise.

It’s an early start because of the ride out and I know to expect a good turnout because there is no 4-star ride listed and the weather is set fair.  Angela and I arrive early from Acton, having left loads of time to ride across London, and find we are not the first there as Ruth has beaten us to the meeting point.  Coffees are ordered and consumed and all the while more and more turn up until we are above 20 in number.  A quick briefing and an agreement with Kay, Jon, Mike and Roger to wait for Helene who is expected to arrive later, and we’re off.

more »

Central London to Richmond Park (and back another way)

Posted on Monday 2 December 2013 by Martin Hayman

Keith led the day’s entertainment, assembling at a cafe-resto somewhere in fashionable east London. An already good-sized squad added George and me at Chester Road, Regent’s Park.

The play was a little different than most Sundays: Act 1, ride to Richmond Park; Act 2, circuits of the Park; Act 3, lunch with Angela and Ken in Acton.

Round the Outer Circle to get a gander at the giraffes, past Marylebone Station (no train for us today, hurrah!), across Euston and Edgware Roads, striking down Sussex Place: smooth progress with 11 minding the gap and keeping it tight.

Ah-ha! Keith knows more »

Chilterns Hilly 3-star: August 2013 version

Posted on Tuesday 20 August 2013 by Bob Davis

My records indicate that this is the fourth version of this ride. Basically I try to cover the middle part of the late lamented Hilly Chilterns 100 kilometre Audax. Run by Jim Swann, this featured about 1600 metres of climbing most of the steepest climbs in the Chilterns.

We tackle Pheasants Hill out of Hambleden (Yiannis Chronakis)

We tackle Pheasants Hill out of Hambleden (Yiannis Chronakis)

A key point is the steepest climb I know – perfect practice for anybody planning the Tour of Flanders sportive – a one in three on the last 100 metres of a concrete slabbed private road from the valley outside Marlow. Normally we ride it in the early part of the year with it covered in lichen and moss and impossible to get traction. Would we make it this time round? more »

Bob’s three star via Train Robbers Bridge, 26th May

Posted on Sunday 9 June 2013 by Bob Davis

A sunny day dawned (about time!), if colder than for a usual late May – but then it hasn’t been “usual” this year. Roger and Kay met the leader at Euston, along with three relative newbies; Helen, Matt and Stephen. On arrival at Tring station I got Stephen to leave his two heavy duty locks outside the ticket office, and worried a little about his soft soled walking shoes carrying him swiftly enough on an expedition tourer for a three star, but there was no need to worry.

Train Robbers Bridge

Train Robbers Bridge

After a nip up Toms Hill and then down to Ivinghoe Beacon, the first part of the day was on the flat of the Aylesbury plain. I had decided to visit Bridego bridge near Ledburn  (now signed as  “Train Robbers Bridge” ) as it has been 50 years since the Great Train Robbery, and also a couple of months since the death of its main organiser Bruce Reynolds. more »

Round about Sevenoaks: Reasons to be cheerful

Posted on Monday 18 February 2013 by Martin Hayman

1 Usual Suspects joined by 2* rider Mark and young dudes Michael and Tom

2 Fast train ex Charing X to Sevenoaks with loads of room for bikes

3 Distaff member Ruth joins at S’oaks with new Condor Baracchi, rah!

4 Hit 30+ kph freewheel within a minute of leaving the station

5 All up after climb of Star Hill to Knockholt more »

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