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London look plays well in Mallorca

Posted on Friday 15 May 2015 by Martin Hayman

A contingent of Central London CTC members, orchestrated by Phil Coleman, had a week at play in Mallorca.

We were based at the Legro ‘training camp’ in Puerto Pollensa in the north-east of the island. It offers a week-long, graded programme of rides that exploit to the full the highways and byways of this beautiful and spectacular locale.

Phil is an old hand here—this was his fifth visit—so he was also able to lead rides for the Central London CTC contingent on our own account. This was useful because none of us was able to fully synchronize with the Legro program. So there were at least two Central London CTC clubruns.

But the aim here is not to tell you about that, so much as to show off the new kit in action. Our colours were quite distinctive among the many different clubs from all over Europe, with many complimenting us. One of the Legro staff was kind enough to say we had “put Central London CTC on the map in Mallorca”. Here’s a selection of our pictures.

The 2* riders can party too …

Posted on Monday 16 December 2013 by Christine Johnson

Well 3* riders, it’s not all about you! We 2* folk may not be able to pedal as quickly but we can keep  up to speed on the party front!

The festive season should never pass unmarked by a social gathering and so Christmas Tea was the order of the day for the 2* party animals. Last year, the somewhat less organized event, was simply “Christmas Tea ” following a Sunday ride.  But no, not this year … in order to work on a never ending task to improve social skills, the art of general conversation and dress sense, the event took place  on  Saturday. The dress code stipulated no lycra and I am pleased to confirm that all participants complied.

Christmas Tree

Seasonal decorations

Afternoon tea was of course used in the widest sense … more »

The Joy of Christmas, the Gift of Mudflaps

Posted on Friday 13 December 2013 by Martin Hayman

Sometimes people ask me, do you socialise at all with the members of your club, outside of cycling? To which the disingenuous answer is, ‘Good grief no, they are far too weird for that. And besides, whatever would we talk about in proper company?’

But when at the post-ride coffee on Sunday, our ingénue Helene wondered why we did not have a Christmas drinks get-together planned, we looked at each other and said ‘Always a first time—let’s give it a go!’ The RV was set at more »

Swift racing

Posted on Monday 8 June 2009 by Camille Savory

A bunch of us met up at Smithfield to have a beer / coffee and watch the evening’s racing. The folder races were good fun for both spectators and participants – we spotted more than a few clipless pedals and lycra shorts hidden by innocuous office attire. The fixie-skid event was obviously for aficionados only. It was good to see a women’s race – a high attrition rate amongst the club riders testament to the skill and sheer speed of the leading bunch, the winner flying round the last two laps. And then as dusk fell, the elite men’s race starring European pro rider Ben Swift, along with Britain’s best. Again, an aggressive pace shed riders quickly until about two dozen were left snaking round the market in a long and sinuous line, one then another trying to launch themselves off the front but never quite managing to get away. It came down to a sprint for the line, Russell Downing, Tony Gibb and Swift fending off the rest. A great evening of racing right on our doorstep.

Paul’s retirement

Posted on Monday 17 November 2008 by Nick Bloom

Michael presents Paul with his retirement present

Michael Belcher presents Paul Krebs with his retirement award more »

Bicycle Film Festival

Posted on Tuesday 14 October 2008 by Paul Foster

Inez and I saw 3 films on the programme, and would definitely recommend the event for an outing next year. It is always in the first week in October, and you know that you’ve come to the right place if you see rows of fixed wheel bikes, some sans brakes with brightly coloured rims tethered outside. more »

The Anniversary Celebrations

Posted on Tuesday 13 May 2008 by Richard Philpott

Pat Strauss cuts the Birthday Cake

A very successful party was held on Saturday with some 45 new and long-established members enjoying themselves and the virtually continuous supply of wine. Old friends were warmly greeted, new friendships made and absent friends remembered.  Old photographs were discussed and the array of old club t-shirts and jerseys admired.

Pat Strauss as our founder cut the cake. Fuzz Edwards made the journey by bus from Fulham with the welcome news that Mary is recovering well from her recent accident. Our youngest member, Fay, aged 6 months, was bright-eyed watching everyone imbibe themselves.

This was followed on Sunday by the anniversary rides, with one, two and three star riders converging on Blackmore at lunchtime. Altogether 49 riders (and a few who travelled by other means) gathered in the sunshine to continue the previous night’s reminisinces.

The group photo - Sunday lunchtime.

Watching the North Road Club time-trial

Posted on Wednesday 27 February 2008 by Camille Savory

Fuelled by The Big Chef’s toast and marmalade, those following the basic plan broke out of suburbia and shot north. By Potters Bar there was a steady trickle of early competitors and spectators heading home, and once onto the B158 and course proper, a vast array of bikes and riders to distract us. more »

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