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My Ride London

Posted on Thursday 17 August 2017 by Charles Harvey

I was heavily involved in this year’s Ride London but never did any cycling on either day. On the Saturday FreeCycle event, I was on a Dr Bike stall run by CyclingUK (a.k.a. CTC). I’d responded to an appeal for volunteers from CyclingUK and duly turned up at St Pauls at 08.30.

It turned out to be a much bigger operation than I’d expected. There were about 15 people on my stall and it was one of six. Many of the volunteers had travelled a long way to help out.


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UCI World Cycling Tour Final: a view from (close to) the back of the bunch

Posted on Wednesday 23 September 2015 by Jon McColl



Your correspondent (third from left) “sprints” for 102nd place

Crossing the line after 5h 17m 11s and 165km of hard racing, which included an official 1300m of climbing, a feeling of mild relief washed over me. I had achieved the rather minimal goal that I had set myself, of at least finishing. Later back in the hotel — while enjoying a couple of richly deserved, post-race hopped beverages — I discovered I hadn’t totally embarrassed myself either: I was 102 out of an international field of 133; and 21 out of 45 British riders. I had come within 52m 27s of having the right to wear the official UCI rainbow jersey of male road race champion in the 55-59 year-old age group.

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London look plays well in Mallorca

Posted on Friday 15 May 2015 by Martin Hayman

A contingent of Central London CTC members, orchestrated by Phil Coleman, had a week at play in Mallorca.

We were based at the Legro ‘training camp’ in Puerto Pollensa in the north-east of the island. It offers a week-long, graded programme of rides that exploit to the full the highways and byways of this beautiful and spectacular locale.

Phil is an old hand here—this was his fifth visit—so he was also able to lead rides for the Central London CTC contingent on our own account. This was useful because none of us was able to fully synchronize with the Legro program. So there were at least two Central London CTC clubruns.

But the aim here is not to tell you about that, so much as to show off the new kit in action. Our colours were quite distinctive among the many different clubs from all over Europe, with many complimenting us. One of the Legro staff was kind enough to say we had “put Central London CTC on the map in Mallorca”. Here’s a selection of our pictures.

TfL’s new proposals – a major step forward for cycling in Central London

Posted on Saturday 13 September 2014 by Thomas James

TfL has recently published plans for a “Crossrail for Bikes”, new cycling superhighways for the centre of London. There are two proposals – a North-South route from King’s Cross to Elephant and Castle and an East-West route from Tower Hill to Paddington.
If implemented as planned (by March 2016) this would be a giant step forward for cycling in Central London, as the routes are on main thoroughfares and of unusually high quality, almost completely segregated from both pedestrians and motor vehicles. In what is still a controversial move in Britain, the proposals will reduce the width of roads used by motor vehicles and replace it by separate cycle lanes, with the consequent improvements in public health, road safety and air quality for Londoners.
There is, however, opposition from groups whose see motor vehicle traffic flow as paramount, such as London First. I would urge you to ensure that TfL realises that these proposals do have public support and ensure that they are not watered down or delayed. The London Cycle Campaign has produced a tool to enable a quick response or you can respond directly on TfL’s website. The closing date is 19 October.

Shock! 3-star riders are party people!

Posted on Monday 2 December 2013 by Ken Peters

What is there to say about CLCTC folk who go on the 3- and 4-star rides?

Outside of the sometimes secret sect, I have heard it whispered that cliques and unfriendliness exist, nay, are rife! Sunday’s event, however, should dispel those rumours.

It all began when Keith chose to offer a short ride to Richmond Park for a few laps of the 10-km perimeter road [11 actually — Ed.] which is very popular with the Sunday Lycra-clad road warriors, MAMILS, and other such tribes.

“Hey,” I said to Angela when the ride list arrived more »

The “Get Britain Cycling” e-petition

Posted on Wednesday 12 June 2013 by Thomas James

I should like to draw members’ and other readers’ attention to the petition on this link.

The petition is currently around 2/3 of the way towards its target of 100,000 signatures which, if reached, would trigger a parliamentary debate on cycling provision in this country.  It  is being promoted by all the UK’s cycling groups including CTC.

The petition asks the government  to implement the recommendations of the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group’s report which explains how mass cycling…”…can tackle Britain’s obesity crisis, save millions from NHS budgets, boost the economy, and reduce congestion on our roads and trains“.

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Central London: More reasons to be cheerful

Posted on Tuesday 19 February 2013 by Martin Hayman

1 Brilliantly sunny and still morning

2 Ferrari-red Cinelli bike more »

Campionissimo scozzese!

Posted on Tuesday 20 November 2012 by Martin Hayman

It’s unusual for us to publish pictures of men in suits, or indeed of club members in mufti generally. But this one, of 4* sturdy and recent end-to-ender Phil Coleman, certainly merits a view. He is pictured of course with Team GB Olympian Sir Chris Hoy, at the UCI Track World Cup round 2 at the new Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow. “I can’t get over what a fabulously lovely bloke he is — charming and a delight to meet,” writes Phil. Perhaps Phil will have picked up some tips from Sir Chris on riding fixed and will apply them on his commute on the new Condor Classico Pista.

That’s Phil on the left!

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