Website privacy policy


Cookies are small text files stored by websites on your computer. They are used to "remember" details about your use of the site between pages or between visits.

We use cookies on our site for two purposes.

  • Settings cookies, for remembering prefrerences and state between visits – specifically, the types of rides you have chosen to display on the rides page (if you choose to have your choices remembered between visits) and the photos you have already seen on the home page so that we can show you some new ones next time.

    If you log into the blog as a contributor, two further settings cookies are written to remember your settings within the blog, but this only applies if you log in – nothing is written if you are just browsing.

  • Analytic cookies, for statistical purposes. Essentially, they allow us to answer the question "are these 100 visits to our site from 100 separate visitors or one visitor coming back 100 times?", and also help us to gauge which are the most important and popular pages. We write two of these cookies, and a similar cookie is written by our web hosting provider. They do not contain any personal information or anything that could be used to personally identify any visitor.

We don't write any third-party cookies (most third-party cookies are associated with advertising, and we carry no adverts).

If you would prefer to prevent the sites you visit writing any cookies, most modern browsers provide options to do this.

Other logging

In common with just about every website, we log visits in files written by our webhosting provider. These contain no personal information or anything that could be used to personally identify any visitor. They are used (in combination with the analytic cookies described above) to create monthly statistical site usage summaries, which are only seen by the club committee.

We also log emails sent using the contact forms on the site. We log the sender's email address, IP adddress and the subject and content of the email. This information is retained for a few days at most, and is seen only by the webmaster, for debugging and to monitor for abuse.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please feel free to contact the webmaster, or any other member of the committee.